Ex-Christadelphian Margaret Mumby holds out to the end

Congratulations to Ex-Christadelphian Margaret Mumby, formerly of the Grimsby UK ecclesia, who who recently died aged 94.Our sincere condolences go to her relatives and loved ones.

The Grimsby ecclesia recently entered into discussions with Margaret in an effort to persuade her to return to the Christadelphian faith. Fortunately for her she "failed to take the necessary steps to return to fellowship", according to the June 2014 Christadelphian magazine.

We Ex-Christadelphians admire her courage and tenacity in resisting Christadelphian pressure to rejoin their cult.

She sleeps in the sure expectation that Christ will certainly NOT return to raise her from the dead and give her eternal life.

However she had the comfort of knowing that she made a stand for truth and reason.

-That took courage Margaret - Well Done!  :)

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