Young Earth Creationism in the November Christadelphian Magazine

The Christadelphians are once again displaying their scientific ignorance; this time in an article by Nigel Bernard and Don Pearce published in the November 2013 Christadelphian magazine.

Entitled "Surtsey: a pattern for creation?" It recounts the story of the creation of the volcanic island of Surtsey in 1963 off the coast of Iceland in the North Atlantic. The authors say of this event:

"The rate at which geological features formed on the island provide some supporting evidence that the time scale of Genesis, with six days of creation followed by six thousand years of human activity, is not as unrealistic as is sometimes claimed." 

"................Surtsey challenges the preconceptions for the timescales required for geological features to form. Features previously thought to require thousands of years to form were being formed in some cases "in a few days"............If this is true of Surtsey, what of the wider creation? Could it be that geological features elsewhere formed more quickly than has previously been thought?"

".........This should give us more confidence in believing in the six day creation six thousand years ago."

"Coastal erosion ....... is a fact of life in the UK and around the world - another pointer to the earth being much younger than the billions of years claimed."

This is Geriatric Christadelphianism at its very worst. Writers with a gross ignorance of geology, biology and the sciences, making fools of themselves in the flagship magazine of the Christadelphians, for the entertainment of elderly CDs on the back rows of Christadelphian halls or shuffling around Christadelphian homes for the aged.

The young, the intelligent and the academically minded Christadelphians will be cringing in horror that their religious leaders and editors are still churning out garbage like this. They will be ashamed that we Unbelievers are able to read such nonsense and mock their religion.

They will know the harm that is being done to innocent young minds in their community who are being fed this material. When those young people reach college or university they will learn the truth and know that their Christadelphian elders were lying to them and displaying gross ignorance and incompetence that they allow such nonsense to be published in their magazines and spoken from Christadelphian platforms. They will resign from the faith and have no more dealings with Christadelphians.

And what of the intelligent Christadelphians? How much longer will you endure the mental torture of being locked in a religious sect with people who write material like this? The Christadelphian magazine, the Testimony magazine and the Logos all support Young Earth Creationism and Flood Geology. Do you really think that your religion is "the Bride of Christ"?  "The Body of Christ"? "The Truth"?

When you finally weary of this nonsense you know where to find us and you know what we are going to tell you.

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