Oppose Christadelphian Heritage College Birmingham

It is proposed to create a fund to oppose the creation of the Christadelphian Heritage College faith school in Birmingham UK.

The money will be used to lobby decision makers to advise them of the reasons for our opposition and also to place large advertisements in Birmingham newspapers warning parents and students of the Christadelphians' intention to "preach" to them and to their children at the school.

See this extract from the April 2013 issue of the Christadelphian magazine:

Wealthy Ex-Christadelphian donors are invited to contact me for further details. This is going to be very expensive; so only wealthy Ex-Christadelphians should apply to donate. $5,000.00 is the minimum donation; with no maximum.

Ex-Christadelphians in the Birmingham area who are willing to help, without donating, are also invited to contact me. Ex-Christadelphians@Hotmail.com

For more, click this link: http://www.ex-christadelphians.com/2013/04/the-possible-dangers-of-heritage.html

YOU can also help by clicking the above link as often as possible. This will boost the page views and help to keep us at the top of the Internet search engine results for "Heritage College Birmingham." Non-Christadelphian parents will hopefully read our warnings and not enrol their children at the school.

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