Sound words from Lord Singh

Yesterday, Lord Singh of Wimbledon spoke on BBC Radio 4's morning religion spot, "Thought for the day".

Download podcast here: Lord Singh 23/10/13 (3 mins, 2Mb) 

In the latter part of the talk he shares his views with regard to how all schools, and faith schools in particular, need to work from early childhood to engender respect for other cultures and way of life, and how not doing so helps to entrench them in intolerance and fear of others.

I share Lord Singh's views, and fear that a Christadelphian school would be unable to break out of the exclusivity of the Victorian cult of Christadelphianism to bring children up in a tolerant 21st century Birmingham.

I have listened to many a lecture where the beliefs, practices and traditions of other Christian denominations have been belittled and dismissed by Brethren. They are not fit to educate children.

Shamefully, Heritage College Birmingham has tried on it's website to water down "who are the Christadelphians" to make it look like they are a normal Christian denomination. They will not be allowed to fool anybody.

They got thrown out of Swansea, and will be thrown out of Birmingham, metaphorically, the hand of God is indeed at work for you, he is standing in the road, palms outstretched saying " STOP. Go away Christadelphians, the game is up, I don't want you and your bigoted ideas being fed into the minds of the children of Birmingham, you've damaged enough minds already".


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