Evolution Debate on this Website: A Clarification

For thirty years I have debated Evolution with Creationists. They are mostly a bunch of time-wasters. The discussion almost always goes like this:

1. The Creationist trots out an Evolution 'problem' that they have picked up from a Jonathan Sarfati or similar book, or that they have read at Creation Ministries International. This is a 'problem' that has already been explained to Creationists in the literature years or even decades ago. For example it might be "How did swallows learn to migrate thousands of miles for the winter" or "The odds against Evolution happening by blind chance are trillions of trillions to one against" or " How did the Flagellum evolve" etc.

2. I either know the answer or if I don't, I have to Google it to find the answer.

3. I then spend thirty minutes of my precious time writing a long reply telling the Creationist the answer.

4. The Creationist ignores my answer and trots out a different Jonathan Sarfati Evolution 'problem.'

5.I either know the answer or if I don't I have to Google it to find the answer.

6. I then spend thirty minutes of my precious time writing a long reply telling the Creationist the answer.

7. And so the game goes on and on interminably. The whole thing is a big waste of time for me.

8. If I tell the Creationist to look up their own answers and to stop wasting my time, they reply "Ha ha! YOU don't know the answer. That means that you are a big idiot and you can't defend your Evolutionist belief. You don't know anything. I'm right and you are wrong."

9. If I tell the Creationist to visit the Ken Gilmore website which is the finest Anti-Creation Christadelphian website on the Internet, they reply: "I'm not reading all that crap."

10. If I email an "Evolution is True" book to them, they don't read it.

THAT is why I no longer discuss with Creationists and Flood Geologists. It is because they are not open to rational discussion. Their minds are closed because they are scared of losing their faith. So no matter how well I explain Evolution, they just ignore what I am saying.

Evolution is universally accepted in the scientific world. It is the best attested fact in all of science. Only failed, Islamic, terrorist riddled states like Pakistan and Somalia have educational institutions that teach Creationism.

The teaching of Creationism in schools is banned in most countries of the World and they don't even bother to ban it in colleges and universities, because no one would think of teaching an obsolete and debunked theory like Creationism.

Only people with a religious agenda study or research Creationism. A secular person would think it to be absurd to even think about Creationism because there is no empirical evidence for the hypothesis.

It is impossible to falsify Creationism because no empirical evidence that could be tested relates to the theory. Theories that are impossible to falsify are by definition impossible to prove. Therefore there is no reason to think that Creationism could be true.

Tens of billions of fossils testify to the truth of Evolution. Not a single fossil has ever been discovered in the wrong order or in the wrong sedimentary layer. They show a progression from simple to complex life with the passage of long periods of time.

The 'missing links" HAVE been found. Hundreds of millions of them have been found. All fossils are 'missing links' because all species are in a constant state of Evolution. Humans are evolving right now. Feel the bottom of your own spine; there is a small extension that is not part of your spine. It's a remnant of a tail left over from millions of years ago. In your mothers womb you had fish gills for part of your development as a foetus. Don't tell me that we did not evolve.   

Sedimentary layers of rock cannot be dated; but by "bracketing" them with igneous rocks layers they can be dated with great accuracy. We do know how old those fossils are.

The geographic distribution of living species can only be explained by Evolution. No Creationist has ever even attempted to explain this fact of nature to make it fit with Creationism.

The presence of vestigial organs (e.g. hind legs on some whales and mammal tails on some human babies etc.) can only be explained by Evolution. Creationism has no answer to this global phenomena.

The embryological development of animals, including humans, that repeats their evolutionary history, can only be explained by Evolution. It makes no sense to a Creationist.

The genetic evidence of a common ancestor (junk DNA and ERVs that we inherit from billions of years ago) can only be explained by Evolution, not Creation.

I could go on for tens of thousands of words; but I won't. If Creationists are frightened to loose their faith and to take the emotional pain that this will bring; they must treasure their ignorance and enjoy their fantasy. But they must please not attempt to inflict their weakness on me; because I am mentally and emotionally stronger than them and I have moved on to better ways of thinking about life.

I'm sorry that they remain trapped in a superstitious way of thinking. But ultimately they must understand that I wash my hands of them and I walk away from their company; because I'm not going down with them. It was extremely difficult for me to escape and I'm not returning to that prison.

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