Professor Lawrence Krauss
We propose to host an intimate private lunch with Professor Lawrence Krauss in Central Melbourne Australia on 16 August 2013, prior to his discussion with William Lane Craig that evening before an audience in the Melbourne Town Hall.

The subjects of our discussion are likely to range over the weaknesses in String Theory, the importance of  Dark Energy, the nature and content of empty space, the theoretical possibility that a universe might inflate out of a single point in that "nothing", Dr Krauss's "Origins" project at ASU and ANU and the cognitive biases that impede rational thinking about faith based religion.

My family will be attending, together with a very small number of invited gifted science and philosophy students from a Melbourne private school.

The lunch venue in Melbourne Australia

The lunch is by invitation only and will cost approximately $50.00, which is the cost of your buffet meal at a five star hotel complex. The start time is 1.00pm. Places are very strictly limited to keep the group to no more than a dozen.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet someone at the forefront of scientific enquiry and discover the latest thinking on these fascinating topics.

Readers of this website who live in Victoria and who would like to be considered for an invitation, are welcome to email us at:

Both Atheists and Theists alike are welcome to apply for an invitation to the event.

A basic undergraduate academic background and understanding of the subjects to be discussed and a prior knowledge of the contents of Professor Krauss's books will be a prerequisite to an invitation being offered.

Young people with a deep love of science will be excused from this condition and are welcome to come and meet this legend of science.

To purchase tickets for the evening event in the Melbourne Town Hall please click here.

To purchase a copy of Lawrence's latest best selling book "A Universe from Nothing" please click here.

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