Editor's Note: This great reader's comment is taken (without permission) from Ken Gilmore's "Evolutionary Creationism - A Christadelphian Perspective" website.
Written by: Bob's Chilli 30 June 2013 00:35 Why do you still believe in God? What scrap of evidence is there that proves God exists and that he exists in the way that you believe he exists?

I certainly agree that "a God who makes the universe look like it is a particular age and then condemns people for believing that evidence" isn't a God worthy of worship. But isn't it hypocritical to say that while believing in a God that creates everything through evolution and natural processes but then gives a creation account completely incompatible with what he actually did?

Even if the God you believe in existed, why worship him? How is he good and honourable? From the OT account he is an absolute dick! Hitler was tame compared to him, it was God that was the true mastermind behind the Holocaust and every other atrocity imaginable.

Christadelphian Atheism is a wonderful state, where you totally freed from the cage of a dead philosophy and given a true new life, one where you actually have a chance of figuring out what life's about. I hope you will join us one day Ken, I really do.

Stolen from:  http://christadelphianevolution.blogspot.com.au/2013/06/james-mcgrath-on-young-earth-creationism.html#comment-form

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