The Bible's three dimensional God can't operate
in our four dimensional Universe. The Bible
was mistaken. Its God simply can't exist!

Editor's Note: The main part of this article is the discussion that it provoked in the comments section at the bottom of the page.

This article and discussion deal with Special and General Relativity. (Four dimensions). When this discussion runs out, I will add a new article on Superstring Theory (Eleven dimensions) that disproves the existence of God even more emphatically.

A recent survey of what Australians know came up with the surprising result that only 59% of them knew that it takes approximately a year for the Earth to orbit the Sun.

I want our readers to please answer the following questions (without looking up the answers) to see what they know.

1. Did you know before you read the above that it takes approximately a year for the Earth to orbit the Sun?

2. If you were standing perfectly still somewhere in the Universe, how fast would you be travelling through time? (I want an exact answer please.)

3. How long does it take for a prayer to reach God?

4. How far does that prayer have to travel through space?

5. How long did it take Christ to reach heaven?

6. Does Christ have any mass? (If he has no mass he has to be an electromagnetic wave. There is nothing else that he can be.)

I have a point to make here, but first I want some suggested answers please.

Readers who have a grasp of Special Relativity Theory will be able to work out the Atheist point that I am going to make. The graph and the picture are clues. If any reader can work out my point before I make it, they will receive a prize of an Ebook.

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