The End Of Swanwick Christadelphian Youth Weekends

Swanwick Conference Hall
Writing in this month's Christadelphian magazine, the secretary of Swanwick Christadelphian Youth Weekend in the United Kingdom, Tim Morgan, has announced that the event, which has been held in October since 1947, is "suspended until further notice." He explained that "falling numbers have made the event prohibitively expensive."

Editor's Note:

Ex-Christadelphians can rejoice that another classic icon of Christadelphianism has come to an end. For sixty seven years the minds of Christadelphian young people at Swanwick have been indoctrinated into a religion that thinks that the Earth is older than the Sun, that a snake and an ass can talk, a human walked on water and that the attendees will rule the World for a thousand years if they join their parents' religion and become part of the Christadelphian Master-Race.

Virtually every religious or scientific statement that was spoken from the platform at Swanwick was false and lacked empirical evidence in support. It promoted a backward, faith based ideology founded on the writings of ancient shepherds, goat herders and corrupt scribes who believed that the Sun rotated around a flat Earth.

Swanwick was the place where rambling, geriatric old speaking brethren poisoned the minds of thousands of innocent young minds and taught them to think and act like old people. The result is the decrepit state of the religion today where leading Christadelphians in their thirties and forties speak, write and act like old folk in a care home. Sentimental platitudes, shallow thinking, waffling reminiscing about the old times and pioneering brethren, an anti-science and an anti-intellectual bias pervades the religion driving it into irrelevance and extinction. The religion is dying because the young have been taught to think old and Swanwick was a key player in this wicked indoctrination of premature senility to the young.

In my opinion Andrew Bramhill and Roger Long, the current editors of the Christadelphian magazine, are the classic and ultimate examples of this dysfunctionality. The committees of The Testimony, Logos, Faith Alive and Glad Tidings are no better. All of those magazines and the books that they publish are only suited to the coffee tables of hospices for the terminally ill.  

The end of Swanwick is further evidence that the religion is crumbling out of existence. Let us be encouraged by this good news and work to expose this religion as false and misguided from start to finish.

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