Aged CD wastes an entire page of The Christadelphian Magazine saying that he doesn't understand the Internet!

Editor's Note: The Christadelphian religion continues its descent into senility with this recent 'Letters to the Editor' which consumes over a page of the of The Christadelphian Magazine. As it is subject to copyright I have restricted our use of the original to extracted quotations, but I can assure you that the rest of the letter makes no more sense than what you can read here. 

We Ex-Christadelphians were brought up being forced by our parents to listen to crap like this, week after week, sitting on hard wooden chairs, in cold draughty CD halls with threadbare carpets, listening to Bible readings telling us who "begat" whom, hearing public prayers decrying "the sinners of the Gentiles" who were our neighbours, singing two hundred year old hymns to the accompaniment of creaking pedal powered organs played by old ladies who could barely read music, listening to speakers who assured us that science was bunk; holding our noses against the stench of death that was all around us.
- And that was the young peoples' gatherings!!!!!! 

WAKE UP intelligent Christadelphian young people. This is not a serious religion; it is a seniors' club. Run for your lives from these cantankerous old people seeking to pull you down to their pit of premature aging, depressive rambling and reminiscing. This is not how life is meant to be. Grasp the moment to free yourselves and make a success of your lives.

Escape the cruel fate that we Ex-Christadelphians suffered for so many long years before we finally fled the religion in disgust. Don't let them scar you like they damaged and scarred our lives and minds.


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