Our Target Audience

Our target audience are switched-on, open-minded Christadelphians, or young people with Christadelphian parents, who are intelligent, who are rational and critical thinkers, who possess common sense, are intellectually honest and who have a keen desire to understand the truth about life and our Universe.

Very few Christadelphians meet this criterion; there are probably less than approximately one hundred of them in the religion. The others have already become Ex-Christadelphians.

Our message is NOT intended for people like this
Our message is NOT for the overwhelming majority of Christadelphians who are indoctrinated Fideists blindly following the family religion for patently emotional reasons. In our opinion they are simplistic, sentiment driven, woolly-thinking, lazy-minded individuals who want easy answers to the great questions of life but who are not willing to put in the hard work of seeking out the truth of these things. Comments from such people will not be published and they are asked to please not join our discussion. We are not going to give them that undeserved respect. They will never discover the truth about anything because Christadelphianism has damaged their logical thought processes. They have inserted their conclusion before their premise and they can never evolve their thinking or change their minds. They have been lied to by the Christadelphians and they can't escape the mental loop in which they are trapped. This website is not intended for them.

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