The Christadelphian Office on Facebook (1)

The Facebook page of the Christadelphian office (click here) is a collection of shallow platitudes, mixed with a smug, holier-than-thou attitude that judges everyone except Christadelphians. It appears to be intended as some sort of encouragement to the elderly and those with very little intelligence. 

It's sad to see a once proud and reforming religion, reduced to a lifeless state like this, by a succession of banal and talentless editors since the death of John Carter in the Nineteen Sixties.

However because it is a Facebook page, we can respond to their "Thoughts for the Day" and tell them what we think.

Let us make an effort to give them our "Responses for the Day."

For example I have contributed a reply to this "Thought for the day." They 'hid' it a few hours afterwards; so you won't see it now. But don't be deterred; answer my comment as if it were still showing. I don't see why we shouldn't send them a few comments and prick their self-righteous bubble.



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