Corky & John on Evolution

By Corky

It has always been clear to me that the authors of the Jewish scriptures did not have evolution in mind, period - "Evolutionary Creationism" or otherwise. Everything was created in the past tense, literally know, like magic, like pulling a rabbit from a hat.

If God is the author of DNA, he would not have to retain the DNA of the past specimens of any species in the specimens of modern species unless he wanted to fool people into thinking the species evolved without creationism being involved.

Personally, I wouldn't use Evolutionary Creationism material for the very reason that EC makes even less sense than God poofing everything into existence 6,000 years ago in a garden in Eden with the appearance of great age. Either way, though, it could only have the purpose of fooling people and that God really is the author of confusion.

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By another author

As I see it, we have four choices:

1. God created everything approximately six thousand years ago; which is the literal interpretation of Genesis. This is flatly contradicted by hundreds of million of pieces of empirical scientific evidence and therefore can be dismissed without further consideration.

2. The Earth is billions of years old and God created all of the living species approximately six thousand years ago. The same hundreds of million of pieces of empirical scientific evidence which disproved (1) also refute  any form of recent global creation. Therefore (2) can also be dismissed as impossible.

3. God set Evolution in motion; either in a deterministic way which from the start controlled the outcome (Ken Gilmore); or by periodically intervening at various stages along the way to guide Evolution (Alan Hayward). This can only be a theoretical hypothesis, because its thesis is so contrived that it is not falsifiable. Any theory that is not falsifiable by definition cannot be proved. In a similar way, modern String Theory cannot be proved because it cannot be falsified. Therefore it remains a theory that is lightly held by physicists until such time as experiments designed to falsify the theory have failed. Noted Theoretical Physicists like my friend Professor Lawrence Krauss reject String Theory. But this does not cause a stir in scientific circles because everyone knows that the theory is conjecture. Evolutionary Creationism (EC) is conjecture, because the Bible does not support such a theory nor does science. Until and unless we can think of experiments that attempt to falsify the theory of EC, it can only be lightly held as a theoretical possibility that is about as likely as that Bigfoot used Evolution to create humans. Such a 'Bigfoot Evolutionary Creationism' theory is not falsifiable and therefore cannot be proved. Divine Evolutionary Creationism is no different.

4. Evolution, including Biogenesis, and the spontaneous explosion and inflation of our universe is a result of the natural laws of the cosmos. Very large parts of this theory ARE falsifiable; but not all. Evolution is perilously open to falsification, but since its inception and despite millions of tests, no one and no experiment have been able to falsify the Modern Evolutionary Synthesis. The classical "finding a rabbit fossil in the Cambrian" falsification test has never succeeded and none of the other hundreds of millions of fossils discovered have ever been found in the wrong geological strata. Therefore this theory can be held as true with a high degree of certainty.

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