The Christadelphian Office on Facebook (3)

This is my third comment on the Christadelphian office Facebook page. The previous two were deleted.

It's in answer to Peter, who questioned me about something.

When they delete this one, which they will, I won't post any more. It served my purpose to demonstrate that the Christadelphian office completely ignore Scriptural injunctions when dealing with people. 

In my view the CMPA are quite off the rails and letting the Christadelphian community down very badly indeed. I think that all of those trustees should have been replaced by the community after the scandal and new trustees appointed in their place. They need new thinking and a fresh approach. The Andrew Bramhill method is just not working and it is taking the religion nowhere. He has no vision for the future. He has no idea how to fix the myriad of problems facing the religion.

He's a real nice guy; but he has to go.

But who to put in his place? I have no idea. When I resigned in 1985 they had about 100 brethren who could have made excellent editors. Now, apart from Ken Gilmore, I can't think of one. Cyril Tennant was the greatest editor that they never had. His brother took the limelight; but Cyril had the real brains and talent.

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