Letting Go Of God

If you haven't yet watched Julia Sweeney's monologue, "Letting Go Of God", you really should. It's hilariously funny, enlightening, and just a fascinating journey. Well, Julia has recently announced that the whole video is now available on YouTube! So find yourself a spare 2 hrs and a comfy chair, and watch it.


  1. Enjoying all the recent videos......especially this one.

  2. Thanks for sharing this.
    I watched it in snippets over the weekend.
    Great to hear another woman talking about her journey to non belief.
    So many parallels to my experience.
    I especially related to being in your 40s and having to adjust to being alone in your head for the first time.
    For all my life I had a dialogue with God running through my brain, and then suddenly found myself alone to think and make decisions with my own conscience.
    And rather than going around being judgemental and critical of those who weren't interested in God I found that there were lots of generally good people who were able to enjoy the present, who weren't just waiting for this life to be over like we were.
    And that I didn't feel compelled to commit crimes or be unkind.
    If anything I felt more compassionate to others.
    I felt like I had been sleepwalking through life and I'd only just arrived.

    1. Geri, You can never be alone. There are so many of us, who since coming to our senses and leaving the Cd`s, have felt a release, a freedom from the bubble of indoctrination which encompassed us. We are with you. We feel, as so probably do you, that we can communicate and be compassionate with others. A new life. Some time coming, but, Oh so good.

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  4. Aiden DaingerfieldMay 20, 2020 at 12:08 PM

    Thank you for the presence of this site. It is a light in the darkness of religious "primitivism." (If my use of that word is accurate.) Albert Einstein once wrote: "My perception of all organized religion is that it is all in one sense or another a form of mysticism and superstition." In other words, he was calling it a figment of human imagination.

    We're all here only for a short period. Yes, indeed, it is sad that so many CDs and other Christians spend that time "waiting for it to be over." F*** that. Live now. Living in the present, in the reality handed to you, is the only "Truth" of any value. Everything else is smoke, mirrors, fog, groundless speculation and a waste of the limited time that you get to dance in the sunlight.

    Reject consensus. If consensus had any value, we'd all be eating cow shit because trillions of flies enjoy it. All around us we hear expressions like: "Be a team player." Or "Be on the right side of history." When people keep telling you to be a team player, it often means you're about to get raped. When people keep telling you to get on the right side of history, it means eventually they're going to get around to killing you.

    Live your own life and your own truth. That is the only journey worth taking.

    1. Dramatic words "Aiden", but much to my liking! Over the last couple of months, it has amazed me just how foolish and contradictory these cultists can be. They have prayed for the "sign" that we are allegedly seeing now, and have been whining that they cannot go to their bible schools and cart their brethren in to speak to them from the far side of the planet. They have accused everybody of having "hearts failing them for fear", while closing their halls in double quick time and hiding in their houses, not relying on God to meet their needs (Luke 12:22-32), but rather sending worldly neighbors out to do their shopping and relying on the hard work of people like my friend's daughter working long night shifts to get food deliveries out. She is "worldly" too. What a lot of tosh these cultists come out with, last days my arse, at time of writing, UK 36,000 dead of the 'Rona, compared with 115,000 a year from tobacco in a typical year, but when did they last do some lurid video about that to the effect that the Angels are at work, blah, blah blah.

  5. Aiden DaingerfieldMay 22, 2020 at 1:49 PM

    Spot on. Near our home is an ancient church we sometimes visit, to attend cultural and social events. Anything else we encounter there of a religious vein engages our gag reflex. They are constantly prattling about the need to "carry one another's burdens" and to "manifest Christian charity and kindness." Yet, the minute this epidemic began, the young, healthy and sturdy clergy sequestered themselves into a locked sanctuary, and spent their time live-streaming pep talks. They did nothing for anyone, beyond banging their gums together. On the outside, elderly, needy and infirm members of the congregation were left to fend entirely for themselves. We ended up doing their grocery shopping and picking up their prescriptions. I was disgusted and appalled; when push came to shove, the church's clergymen were not boots on the ground in a global pandemic. They were simply MIAs.

    1. Aiden, maybe they should have given more practical help, though I'm not sure it's that uncommon for people's officially held principles to differ from their practices. But I'm assuming that in live-streaming talks they are doing the job they are paid to do, or at least part of it. And I'm also assuming that some at least of their congregation want them to be doing that part of their job. I'm also assuming that they are trying to comply with government guidelines which are intending to slow the spread of Covid-19. To me that's better than, say, the preachers who try to encourage their congregations to meet in person to defend "religious freedom" in defiance of government guidelines and increase the risk of spread.


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