Imaginary Defects

Another fantastic video from TheraminTrees. I'm sure many of us can relate to this. We were made to feel guilty for being human. We were shamed for things we did, or even things we thought, that never harmed anyone.


  1. I always thought it especially vile to bring beautiful children into the world, and then to smear the black paint of "sin" all over their precious minds and bodies. What massive destruction this caused for many of my loved ones, not to mention, huge numbers of very wise defections out of the "faith." I remember getting interrogated as a child by CD family members as to whether I'd exposed myself to other children, or whether I had molested my siblings, or whether I was homosexual. What did this create, for much of my family who experienced the same treatment? Neurotics, miserable and closeted homosexuals, female subordination to males, rampant sexism and sexual violence. I am sure this was unusual for most Christadelphian families, but it surely wasn't for my own. Christadelphianism was the wellspring from whence all of this filth and injury flowed. And what a trail of dead and mangled bodies and psyches it left behind us. I have a sibling who was sufficiently traumatized to the point where she allows no one to touch her, and no other human being will ever experience intimacy with her. What a horrendous gift, to have received from this destructive little religion. Bringing these charges to their attention, I have always received the same response: "Blame individuals who erred, and not our faith itself." But where were the "individuals" molded and inspired? In your S***ty little cult.

  2. About spot on Margaret - I did not experience sexual abuse my self growing up in the CDs but I came across sexual abuse of quite a few. What was more horrible was that the sexual abuse was sometimes covered up by the CD meeting in question.

    The Faith is inherently to blame because the clear message and ethos is one of "a trouble shared is a trouble doubled!!"CDs have transported the characteristics of the double standards and obsession with sex that Victorian society held when Dr Thomas was around. Thus the misogynistic use of hats as a symbol of the "special" place of women in the Meeting. In this kind of environment sexual abuse can run rampant.

    You say that closeted homosexuals, female subordination to males, rampant sexism and sexual violence is not common. I disagree - I was speaking to a CD therapist who has been counselling people including CDs for quite a few years and he told me that if someone in your (CD) family had not at some time being sexually abused you were unusual!

    I have PTSD in part, because of the emotional abuse from the CDs and I came across quite a few sexual abuse victims. On one occasion a CD was preparing a woman for baptism and he raped her!

    But yes, spot on - the "individuals" were moulded in this vile cult.

    I am so sorry to hear about your sibling and the awful things that have happened to her - they should be taken to Court for sure.


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