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"If you're REALLY looking for the truth, start with questions; don't start with answers."


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  1. This is an interesting one and I agree with it. But, it is really hard to question the assumptions and conditioning that I have been brought up with - no matter how nutty.

    With the therapy I have had over the years and especially, my trauma therapy, I have been guided and encouraged to start with the questions. Such as: what is not working in my life? Why am I unhappy? and of course, what would help my life to work and what would make me happy?

    I may go to a therapist who specialises in therapy for survivors of cults like the Christadelphians. Because I still have quite a lot of psychological baggage and "answers" that do not make my life work and are nonsense.

    The Northumbrian Community's Heretical Imperative includes "speaking out when necessary or asking awkward questions that will often upset the status quo". When I was involved with them, I heard comments like "maybe God does not want the Northumbrian Community to exist in the future"! Imagine the Christadelphians saying something like that about themselves?!.

    While I am no longer a Christian of any kind, it was a helpful stepping stone in my journey away from the Christadelphians and my journey of living in the questions continues.

    I am about to take up Yoga as it seems to have lots of benefits in calming and centring me.


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