Quote of the day

"It doesn’t matter what you believe; all that matters is why you believe it, and how accurate you can show your beliefs to be."

Aron Ra, atheist activist


  1. I disagree with the first sentence, but perhaps I'm missing the point. I think it does matter what you believe. Beliefs drive actions, and actions have consequences.

    However I do agree with the rest. I care about what is true/real, and I highly value authenticity.

  2. Athiesm only leads to 'dead end'
    Accepting Christ leads to immortality.

    1. Which version of Christ? The Christadelphian son of God? The Trinitarian God the Son? Or are they both passports to immortality?

    2. Truth Seeker,
      If you think you are right, you need to come up with some good evidence to support your claim, not just what YOU think.
      We`re here waiting to read it.

    3. How can someone who classifies themselves as a “Truth Seeker”, take their instruction from an Iron Age book, that’s origin and authenticity are highly questionable, that’s full of miss translations and contradictions, that’s characters and stories can be traced back to previous ancient religions and cultures, and the fact that virtually none of it can be proven...

    4. "Accepting Christ leads to immortality"

      Prove it. I've yet to see any evidence of this.


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