Steven Fry On God

Steven Fry On RTE ONE's "meaning of life." - Contributed by Mark Colston

As you may know I’ve been what I would call an atheist for as long as I can really remember. Joe has in the past called me other things, but I’ve never really believed in a higher being of any sort.
Today I came across a video on You tube of an interview with Stephen Fry when he was asked a very simple question. The answer that was returned was just so well delivered that even the most hardened fanatic just has to be moved to question their beliefs.

Posters Note:

Mark is indeed an atheist. The closest I have ever seen him get to religion is snuggling up to a Roman Catholic girl called Rose. I doubt if Mark knows that the Christadelphians call the Roman Catholic Church "The Great Whore"- Well he does now! :)

For a critical review of the video, please see here

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