Christadelphian Evolution Denialism

By Corky (Our Blog Founder)

Why do anti-evolution people keep bringing up the big bang and the origin of life? Surely they know that has nothing to do with biological evolution. It is a known scientific fact that lifeforms have evolved (changed) over time on this planet. This fact is known by the fossil record left behind of those past lifeforms that no longer exist.The best explanation is that lifeforms changed over time by natural selection, mutation and environmental changes - evolution.

The stupidest explanation is that a god or some unknown intelligence just kept on creating life all over again every few million years or so - this is the explanation that religion chooses to believe without any facts to support it. Of course, there are those weird, out of date religions, like Christadelphians, who want to believe the earth is only 6,000 years old and all those fossils were from another time before the earth, sun and moon were created in Genesis 1. Sort of a re-creation...weird. I wonder if they have thought of who might have created the world of the dinosaurs and of why it had to be re-created? Including the sun, moon and stars? 6,000 years ago? Yes, that's the gap theory of Dr. John Thomas, the founder of Christadelphianism.

We throw around the word "evidence" and there being a mountain of evidence for evolution but what we are really referring to are "facts" - scientific facts - that only the theory of biological evolution has been able to explain. Religion does not explain any of the evidence (facts) but only asserts that "God did it". That's not an explanation of any of the "facts", it's an avoidance (escape coping) of the facts in favor of a childlike belief in magic and fantasy instead of the solid explanation of the known facts. It's not okay to just make up facts, like religion does, and then explain the made up facts with "God did it". Why isn't it "okay"? Because it isn't the truth and it has caused unnecessary suffering in the world, persecutions, witch hunts, wars, terrorism - the list is practically endless of the things men have done to each other in the name of their imaginary "God".

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