Swanwick - Don't Fall For It!

Swanwick Christadelphian Family Weekend in the UK is  scheduled for 2 - 4 May 2014. Ex-Christadelphians feel an obligation to young people to warn them of the perils of joining a tiny, extremist, fundamentalist religious sect like the Christadelphians.

Many hundreds of Christadelphians have resigned from the religion over the past few years because we think that it is a cult. Every month in the Christadelphian magazine 'Ecclesial News' section you will see more and more Christadelphians resigning or being disfellowshiped because they have stopped attending the meetings.
Put simply; they don't believe Christadelphian crap any more. Because IT'S NOT TRUE!
Christadelphian Skeptics think that Swanwick
Weekend is Christadelphian indoctrination
We shall be mounting a campaign to coincide with Swanwick Weekend, with the theme "Swanwick - Don't Fall For It" that is designed to encourage Christadelphian young people to think for themselves and to be sceptical of the wild, unscientific, unsubstantiated and immoral beliefs of their Christadelphian teachers.
We want all the young people booked to attend this Christadelphian brain-washing weekend to ensure that they take their tablet or laptop computers, with Wi Fi or Broadband access, so that they can read our special Swanwick articles refuting the teachings at Swanwick.
To assist the Christadelphian young people at Swanwick, we shall, for the duration of Swanwick Weekend, give open access to our comments and discussion areas so that they can ask questions and say what they are being taught at Swanwick without the bother of having to join our discussion forum as members. Their comments will be uploaded automatically and immediately without moderation delay.
'Supporting Acts' is the theme of the Swanwick Weekend in May 2014. Christadelphian Skeptics will be a "Supporting Act" to Christadelphian young people to help them come to understand both sides of the argument and to form their own judgement as to what is right and wrong about Christadelphian teaching. 
Christadelphian young people: this is YOUR future at stake.
Ex-Christadelphians are fearful that you may waste your life in that religion.
Take your mobile computers to Swanwick and share what we have to say with your friends.
The Christadelphians are a paranoid cult and they will be annoyed with you for reading opposing views like ours - especially as we were prominent brethren and sisters who left the religion in disgust. Have the courage to resist and to think independently about your beliefs and your future.  
Remember: You have human rights that are protected by law. - You don't HAVE to join the religion of your parents!

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