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1. Our 'slight change of direction' post was accidentally deleted and I have been too busy lately to replace it. The new policy is to appeal to a somewhat wider audience than merely the Christadelphian young people.

Following TF's advice, we will in the future work to deconvert the "salvageable intelligent 5%" as he so quaintly worded it. If there are approximately 50,000 Christadelphians in the world that would mean aiming to deconvert around 2,500 people, which is a great deal more than the few hundred that was our previous target.

2. With nearly 200 replies, our 'Letters to the Editor' page has become difficult to navigate so we have archived it and opened a new 'Letters to the Editor (2). 'We have disabled comments on (1) to prevent it growing any more. If you need to comment on a discussion in (1) please make your comment on (2).

3. In accordance with my thinking outlined in this article where I describe how most Christadelphians deconvert for trivial reasons that are not a result of a logical progression of thought, I shall increase my focus on the non-academic reasons for deconverting. There are no credible reasons for believing in God and therefore people don't need credible reasons for deconverting. Christadelphians can't prove God and we can't falsify an unfalsifiable proposition. The whole idea is mere human religious superstition and is a big waste of time for both believers and unbelievers. Like Bigfoot, Yeti or a lake monster, we are arguing about something that does not exist. 

4. Christadelphians remain in a religion that believes the most absurd things. One of the main psychological reasons why they do this is because they follow the crowd. It is a group delusion and being a member of a group believing silly things strengthens the delusion of each individual. However the tide is rapidly turning in our favour. A glance at the 'Ecclesial News' in the monthly Christadelphian magazine shows increasingly large numbers of people resigning from fellowship or being disfellowshiped because they have given up attending. We also see increasing numbers of people writing on this blog saying that they have deconverted. We need to advertise this fact to the waverers and let them realise that "the crowd" are actually leaving and that they are not going against the crowd to deconvert. It is the young, smart, intelligent ones who are deconverting, after their discovery that they made a mistake joining the sect. This "crowd" are joining the Ex-Christadelphians community for support and socialising. Our rapidly growing numbers will speed the velocity of the numbers leaving. This will have a snowball effect as we grow geometrically rather that at a slower linier rate. Within 25 years this religion really will be extinct and our purpose will be accomplished. All of the Christian religions are dying vey quickly because the free speech of the Internet is killing them. Religions are like mushrooms; they only grow if you keep people in the dark and throw shit at them.

5. Although our short term goal is to deconvert approximately 2,500 "salvageable intelligent" Christadelphians; it must be understood that after this has been accomplished, we will widen the goal to include thousands more. It's a bad religion and it has to be extinguished.

6. Plain and frank speaking about Christadelphian beliefs and practices will continue on this website. They are a corrupt people and we will hold them to account for their religious fraud and deplorable actions. We will show no respect to people who threaten mass genocide to establish their "Kingdom" on Earth, ridicule science, indoctrinate young people with nonsensical ideas and who treat Non-Christadelphians, Ex-Christadelphians and even their own members with contempt. Readers who urge us to show deference to these scoundrels will be ignored.

7. To facilitate the rapidly growing speed and quality of our discussion, we will end the moderation of comments. This will mean that your comments will always be published automatically without delay. It will also mean that the spammers, trolls and advertisers will return to stuff up our discussion. Please ignore them and allow our Admins to delete them AFTER they appear because we won't be able to delete them PRIOR to publication. However it will also mean that readers can watch and participate in a very fast moving discussion on many different threads. That is how it should be even if we do have to ignore the trolls until they are deleted.

8. Trolls and mentally ill people WILL be speedily deleted. They are wasting their time. They can go and bother other websites that are not able to delete their nonsense as fast as we can.

9. We need more Admins to help with this work please. Email me if you can help. Ex-Christadelphians@Hotmail.com

10. We now have dozens of comments per day. Soon it will be hundreds. Please press "Follow us by Email" in the column at the right to have all the new comments and articles sent directly to your email address. Otherwise it will be impossible to follow fast moving discussion on many different threads, some of which go back six years and are hidden in our archives.

11. Please keep sending your Christadelphian intelligence and information to us. We want to know everything that is happening, especially the scandalous intelligence. We will respect your confidence and not publish anything that you don't want published. 

12. Please volunteer to attend Christadelphian lectures and youth gatherings to help spread the Ex-Christadelphians message. We can help with your expenses. Encourage Christadelphians, especially young people, to read this and other Ex-Christadelphians websites. If they invite questions from the audience, please make sure that you mention this website when you ask a question. We need all the publicity that we can get.

13. We have established a fund to finance anti-Christadelphian work that is well financed by wealthy Ex-Christadelphian business people. Suggestions as to how we spend this money are invited.

14. If you are willing to host an Ex-Christadelphians event in your area, please let us know and we will advertise what you are doing on this website.

15. We need an ever increasing flow of new articles for this website. Please write something for us, even if it is an account of how you lost your faith. Email it to: Ex-Christadelphians@Hotmail.com.

16. Don't forget to upgrade your subscription here (free) Click here. This will allow you to avoid filling in the Caputcha codes every time you post a comment. 

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