'Asyncritus' (we all know who he is) challenges Ken Gilmore

By Asyncritus
Editor's Note: The Ken-Cat won't answer this challenge and in a way I don't blame him. But we can answer Asyncritus in the comments below. If we do, it will put a smile on the face of the Ken-Cat and he will think to himself "I taught them well; all the work I put into ECACP was not in vain." 

By Asyncritus

Until today, I had no idea that Gilmore had produced this inane, irrelevant, so-called 'rebuttal' of my views.

You're right, he didn't go far enough. I utterly fail to see why they remain members of the Christadelphian community, knowing full well that by far the majority of sane, rational and faithful members of the community absolutely reject, and with good reason, the evolutionary nonsense they purvey.

In a word, they should leave, and go contaminate some other church, and maybe join your organisation.

He attacks me for not having professional evolutionary qualifications - and in reality has none himself, and yet pontificates profusely at every opportunity on the subject on BTDF - admiringly regurgitating the garbage spewed by the evolutionary school.

There is a biblical word for this, and it is not a nice one - so I will leave it unsaid.

I note with no surprise that he has failed utterly to even MENTION my principal argument against evolution: the phenomenon of instinct, and the total inability of the theory to account for even one of the great examples of instinctive behaviour that abound in nature, as recorded on my blog.

Not even a mention, I said : and yet, the title of my blog, plain for all to see, and which he has obviously visited, is, unsurprisingly, ]HOW DOES INSTINCT EVOLVE? Do you think he missed it?

How could he have missed that? I suggest that he didn't, and prefers to concentrate on the trivial.

Instinct is at the heart of every living process in every living cell on the planet. Evolution can account for the origin of not one of them - and therefore fails utterly as a theory of origins. It's garbage truck fodder.

Now missing all that is remarkable - and demonstrates one or more of a few things:

1 He has no answer to give

2 He hasn't read the information I have placed on the blog

3 He is out of his depth when it comes to this particular subject

4 Is totally ignorant of any way the phenomenon can be accounted for in evolutionary terms

On the blog, I challenged anyone who felt that they had an answer to the origin of instinct question to come on to the blog and defend their views.

Gilmore has read that challenge, but is unable, or unwilling to do this, and has totally failed to emerge from his hiding place, preferring the safe portals of Berea.

Why is that Gilmore? Why is that? Why did you not publish your 'rebuttal' on my blog where I could see it and treat it as it deserved? Where I INVITED you to publish?

Could you possibly be afraid that the Sword of Instinct will savage your poverty-stricken theory, and render you incapacitated? Come out my ;'friend' Come out!

Stop lurking on Berea, and come on to my blog and say what you have to say. I will say to you what I have to say, with no fear of being thrown off the blog, as you engineered on BTDF.


You had no answer to the questions on instinct that I posed then. You ducked, dived and quit ignominiously but nothing like an answer was forthcoming.

So I say, COME FORTH, AND GIVE ANSWER, like a man.

Choose any one of those magnificent instinctive phenomena on my blog, and produce your answers.

I wait - but I fear in vain.

Come out, I say. Come out.

You may think of that as a challenge.

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