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I'm pleased to have stumbled across your site, and have been reading it with great interest for the last couple of days.

I had one (ex) CD parent and one parent who was not CD (and fairly hostile to the ecclesia). My own exposure was Sunday School from 7-18 (no choice in the matter), and only in my later teens did I have to discuss or read the bible with the ex-CD parent (who still believed). This relatively low level of exposure has still been enough to cause long-lasting (20+ years) depression, anxiety, and constant end-of-world fears. When I stopped believing (and even while I believed it was true I wanted no part of it, since I disagreed with God and thought he was wrong--why I didn't think the CDs were wrong instead is a curious question that only occurs to me now) I simply transferred my end-of-world anxieties (which can be all-consuming during bad periods, to the point of near-institutionalisation) to whatever world events were/are current, such as climate change, financial collapse, swine flu etc.

I just wanted to point out that even mild exposure can have serious effects, so going to Sunday School may actuallly be very harmful. I entirely agree with you regarding the cultural importance of religious knowledge, but it's my C of E schooling (assemblies and hymns) that provided me with most of that. CD education was far too close-up--couldn't see the wood for the trees type of thing.

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