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Hi, I am not a CD but appreciated reading about the plagiarism set out above as have been reading EUREKA and particularly the 'exposition' of Revelation 11. Having read sections of Horae Apocalypticae, I wondered about plagiarism. As noted above, I was struck by the minute detail about the French Revolution in page after page. My marginal note was 'so what?'

Having studied the Scriptures over a period of 34 years, I found Dr Thomas' interpretation of Rev. 11 to be boggling. I do not see how any open minded person could put such a construction on this chapter. He totally changes the plain meaning of almost every word. "The great city" (verse 8) is obviously Jerusalem (in my AV a translator's note states this) but by convoluted casuistry he transforms this to Rome. "Where also our Lord was crucified" is given the same treatment, as are "The two witnesses" of which we later learn Dr Thomas is mystically a part of. The failed preditcions are glaring and fatally undermine his (or the) thesis.

I have had contact with not a few CD's over the years and have found them to be largely warm and kindly folk who know more about the Bible than the majority of professing 'mainstream' Christians. Though I have found a reticence to address Bible texts which challenge their position.

Congrats on a useful blog. Its a pity a note of acrimony is evident in later posts.

Theo P Hilus

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