Christadelphian Religion Plagiarized?

Well, it looks as though Herbert W. Armstrong is not the only founder of a cult that plagiarized his entire set of doctrines from someone else.

Dr. John Epps and Dr. John Thomas sound like one and the same man in their religious views.

I've always wondered where John Thomas (the founder of the Christadelphians) got his ideas from . . . and John Epps didn't even get an honorable mention in my old ecclesia, strange that, since it is possible that John Thomas plagiarized the whole Christadelphian religion from John Epps (or vice versa?)


  1. Hi Mr Corky,

    Did Dr. Epps start a religious group too?
    I heard that Dr. John Thomas was a member of the Campbellites for sometime also.

  2. I don't think that Dr. Epps started any religious group of his own.

    It's all kind of weird though.
    Both men are named John.
    Both were born in 1805.
    Both were MDs.
    Both went to medical school at the same time.
    Both had the same religious beliefs which were totally removed from mainstream.
    Both died of the same thing, untreated acute asthma aggravated by cold.

    They didn't die the same year though, or else I would think they were one and the same man.

  3. Good to see you start your own blog Corkey! This should be interesting. I will link from my site in the near future....


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