Christadelphian Admits Problem With Christ's Return

A Christadelphian outlines all the "at hand" and "shortly" problem passages in the New Testament and solves the problem by claiming God has "deferred" the fulfillment for thousands of years. He doesn't explain why this postponement would be so long except to suggest that God is waiting for Christianity to come into the unity of the faith and for the Jews to repent and accept Jesus as their Messiah, an impossibility if ever there was one. Of course, this contradicts the whole idea of the New Testament that it would all happen in that generation and that he would not delay his coming.

An interesting read and a much better apology than 2 Peter.


  1. "God is waiting for Christianity to come into the unity of the faith and for the Jews to repent and accept Jesus as their Messiah,"

    He left out the part about Hell freezing over first.

  2. He needs a better understanding of the Testimonies if he really wants to interpret the book of Revelation.
    There is a lot of symbolism, imagery,and etc, used.
    For instance the words "shortly" & "quickly" refers to the prophecy of Matt.24:27-" lightning.." Christ would be unlikely to set a time limit here since He said that only the Father knew(Matt.24:36)
    The word "earth" in most of Revelation refers to the place where the seed is sown(Mk.4:15-the church)not the world(ie, the Beast "makes war with the saints"Rev.13:7-not the world)
    The sealed book of Rev.4 & 5 is most likely the book of Daniel, since that is the only book commanded to be sealed(Dan.12:4-9), and Christ tells John not to seal Revelation in Rev.22:10

  3. Its no wonder Christo's hate Harry Whittaker. He admits that something in the bible IS difficult!

  4. I also had a great discussion with CD's this time regarding Ezekiel's Temple,a book written by Henry Sully was shown to will happen they said,hmmm... I looked and found "christadelphianbooks online" and guess what, article written by Harry Whittekar and George Booker on the same subject, both of them refute Henry Sullys view of Ezekiel Temple book.But no Henry's version is preached to CD's and Harry and George is dismissed. This religious fanatics even turn on their own,they only stick to what suits them best. One good saying of an ex christadelphian which I like is: "believe those who are seeking the truth but doubt those who claim to have found it"


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