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"In the long run it is far more dangerous to adhere to illusion than to face what the actual fact is."

David Bohm, theoretical physicist


  1. That goes both ways.

    1. How do you figure that?

  2. comments from ANON x 2
    but how do we know whose who?

  3. If only we had a way to distinguish between facts and illusions... (sarcasm)


  4. Hi - I come from a scientific family so I get the whole evidence base & scientific model. So in most, things I agree that it is dangerous to adhere to an illusion.

    But,I think for some things it is essential to have denial. Yes, for example, it is dangerous to be in denial about being in major debt and carry on taking out loans you cannot afford.

    But denial also has a useful purpose. The best example of this is dying. If we had no denial at all, on the fact that we all die, life would be incredibly painful and extremely difficult to live. An ever present 100% awareness that we are going to die would make ordinary life impossible and put us into a permanent state of intense pain.

    There is a survival reason as to why we are capable of denial and for some scenarios, it is essential. The above example is perhaps an example of partial denial as we all know, we are going to die.

    But, with the Christadelphians, I remember providing statistics in some detail during an evening lecture showing that the UK Christadelphian population has been declining for decades and that extinction is on the horizon. The universal response I got was a blanket 100% denial so that the facts were not even up for discussion! I had comments like "you are wrong but I don't want to talk about it".

    Their denial only seals the doom of the UK Christadelphians. That's fine with me, but not so good for those who want a meeting to go to!

    I am happy, in my partial, denial of death!

  5. Mad Max,
    I think you are correct in being able to show that the Cd community is shrinking.
    What to me is even more interesting is the growing diversity between the beliefs and practices of individual ecclesias.
    There was a plea in a recent Cd mag for ecclesias in the Central Fellowship to send in news of their ecclesia, as many do not do so.
    I think a reason for that is this growing diversity.
    All ecclesias are of course autonomous in the running of their own ecclesia, without a central over-riding control. But is seems that they are now so diverse in many aspects, that anyone coming to this blog wanting to know who the Christadelphians are, cannot now be given a conclusive picture of a solid body of people all believing and running their ecclesias in the same way as all the others, as I think it could have been, for example, in the 1950`s. They are becoming different each one to the other, not a cohesive whole.
    From, an ecclesia which allows unbaptised visitors to break bread (and this in England), to an ecclesia who won`t let a sister break bread who refuses to wear a hat, and all the inbetween beliefs and practices of a wide range of others. And that`s just in the UK. Go to Africa and you will find even more diversity to contemplate.
    So it`s not surprising that a dying out, or a growing diversity which will cause a dying out, seems to be hastening to that end.
    What do other ex-Cd`s, and member Cd`s, think?


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