Video: ISIL terrorists do the Christadelphians a favour by destroying ancient statues in Mosul museum

Assyrian Pagan/Biblical
Cherubim about to be
destroyed by ISIL
By John Bedson

One of our main objections to Christadelphianism is that the Bible is inspired by ancient pagan religious belief and not by a supernatural god; therefore the Bible is not to be trusted. Ex-Christadelphians rely on the abundant archaeological evidence and discoveries in the Ancient Near East (ANE) to demonstrate the truth of our claims.

Ex-Christadelphians Caring Fund

It is proposed to start an Ex-Christadelphians Caring Fund to provide help, support and financial assistance for needy and deserving Ex-Christadelphians who no longer receive help from the Christadelphian community. We need extra trustees to be responsible for this fund and we are therefore looking for volunteers to assist. Please contact us by email: if you are willing to serve.

Robert Roberts on the Theory of Evolution and "Darwinism"

Robert Roberts
By Robert Roberts
"A winged fowl is the cleverest invention in the realm of nature. There is no greater confutation of Darwinism than the birds of the air. The theory of development by use might conceivably apply to heavy creatures of a simple structure; but how could a wing develop by use before it was a wing to use? How could a bird begin to fly without a wing: and how could it get a wing to begin with if exercise were necessary to its getting one?

This is a special difficulty in the case of the myriads of tiny insects which are nothing apart from wings, and never have the chance of developing them by exercise? Enough, enough: Lord Salisbury well says the principle of design is the only sufficient solution of the problems of nature."  - Diary of a Voyage to Australia, New Zealand and Other Lands Chapter 3. 
Editor's Note:

Ken Gilmore and the Berea-Portals are keen to quote the founders on the subject of the Great Age of the Earth. But as noted by the nonsense above, written by Robert Roberts, the founders were hopelessly wrong about Evolution.

Perhaps this is a clue as to why his son who was a doctor deconverted and became an Ex-Christadelphian?

Robert Roberts' SON was an Ex-Christadelphian!

Robert Roberts
By John Bedson

"Edward Augustus Roberts, son of brother Robert Roberts was baptized young, and married sister Mary Matthews. As Edward Roberts became a prominent and wealthy doctor in London he lost interest in the truth and left it, desiring the riches offered by the world, and taking with him his sister wife. Edward informed brother Roberts of these plans shortly before his death. Sister Sarah Jane Roberts Ladson felt this news was partly responsible for the heart attack of her grieving father in San Francisco in 1898, and called it his "crowning sorrow"."

Why don't you accept evolution?

Steve Pryde
By Steve Pryde

Over 99% of the world's biologists accept evolution as fact, and there has been no change in that consensus for well over 100 years.

And yet the vast majority of Christadelphians seem to be confident that evolution is false. I wonder how many of them are actually qualified to make that assessment. I also wonder how many of them actually understand it well enough to refute it.

What about you? Do you understand evolution?
If not, here is your chance to tell me why...

UNC Isn't Charlie Hebdo, and Thomas Paine Isn't Osama Bin Laden

Lawrence Krauss
By Lawrence Krauss

The tragic shooting of three young university students at UNC Chapel Hill yesterday could have been adopted by the media as yet another indictment of the rampant gun culture in the United States. After all, the alleged killer had previously posted a photograph of his .38-caliber revolver on this Facebook page, and apparently had been harassing the young family in question for some time while wearing a gun on his belt. 

Tracing the advance of fundamentalism in our community (and a strangely familiar name)

By Ken Gilmore and the late Douglas Bedson
(Ken Gilmore is a Christadelphian Theist, NOT an Ex-Christadelphian. He DOES NOT support or condone the Atheist position of this website.)

In an earlier post, I noted how the execrable book The Genesis Flood was given a positive review, despite the fact that contemporary geologists had savaged its geological arguments. Prior to that, YEC and flood geology were practically unknown in our community. By 1971, evangelical pseudoscience was being openly promoted by the CMPA.

We want YOU to star in our next Ex-Christadelphians movie!

This is your chance to be an
Ex-Christadelphians movie star! :)
We are working on a new Ex-Christadelphians movie called "You Only Live Once" that will feature the words and voices of a number of different Ex-Christadelphians explaining why they left the Christadelphians and why they think that life is better outside the religion.  

We want YOU to please help us by writing a short piece explaining why you left the Christadelphians. Your script should last no less than 30 seconds and no more than 90 seconds when read out aloud. We might edit your script to make it fit the time slots available and to synchronise with the backing music and vocals. 

Video: The Big Bang explained

By: Dr. Christopher D. Impey, Distinguished Professor, Astronomy/Steward Observatory, The University of Arizona

The scientific story of creation begins 13.7 billion years ago in a circumstance of incredible temperature and density, when all matter and radiation was contained in a region smaller than an atom. The big bang is now a mature theory, with a web of observational evidence supporting it. This talk will tell the story of how an iota of space-time turned into a vast cold universe of 100 billion galaxies. This is an account of real creation, for which we have empirical evidence; not the two different and contradictory pagan inspired creation myths of Genesis chapters 1 & 2.

Review: Berea-Portal

Berea-Portal Forum
By John Bedson

Since the mid 20th Century the Christadelphian religion has rotted and decayed as it abandoned it's original principles, ethos and passion. Serious Bible study is neglected, outside Biblical scholarship is rejected, modern science is demonised and anti-intellectualism is glorified as a virtue. 

A brief introduction to atheism

Steve Pryde
By Steve Pryde

There has long been a stigma attached to the word "atheist" among religious people. It is considered a dirty word, and atheism is often perceived as something to be avoided at all costs. This article aims to provide a brief introduction to some aspects of atheism you may not be aware of, and hopefully dispel some of the myths.

Click here to read the full article on ECVOR.

Podcasts: Dave Burke explains the need for critical thinking about religion

Dave Burke
By Dave Burke
Dave Burke is a Christadelphian Theist, NOT an Ex-Christadelphian. He DOES NOT support or condone the Atheist position of this website.

Instructing & Teaching with Wisdom
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The Decline and Fall of Christadelphian Exegesis and the The Rise of the Anti-Intellectuals

By Dave Burke
Dave Burke is a Christadelphian Theist, NOT an Ex-Christadelphian. He DOES NOT support or condone the Atheist position of this website.

Abstract: Our Christadelphian community was founded on a high respect for God’s Word, and a deep desire to study it with the best tools available. Early Christadelphian commentators applied sophisticated methods of Bible study, following and using relevant mainstream Biblical scholarship.

How Evolutionary Creationists deal with crazy Genesis 1

By John Bedson

To a Christadelphian Evolutionary Creationist, having Genesis chapter 1 in the Bible is like suffering a senile old auntie around for dinner. She takes a glass of wine and pours it into her handbag. She picks at her warts and creates a foul smell that fills every part of the dining room. She inverts the soup bowl over her head to prevent aliens reading her thoughts. Throughout the main course she rambles on about past events that never happened. Finally she eats too much apple pie and falls off her chair collapsing into a heap on the floor.

Are Atheists "without excuse" ?

Steve Pryde
By Steve Pryde

What do you see when you look out at the world? Do you see the wonder of nature? Perhaps you see the hand of God everywhere? Whatever your view of the world, we can all agree on many things. For example, there is a great deal of complexity in the natural world. Although scientists study nature in many different fields, there is still a lot we do not know and a lot we do not understand.

It is common for Christadelphians to cite Romans 1:20 to assert that atheists are "without excuse" because God has supposedly provided all of the evidence that anyone could ever need, and it's all right before our eyes. So am I without excuse?

Click here to read the rest of this article on Steve's website

Video: Bill Nye on Creationism and Evolution

Human/Chimpanzee common ancestry - The current fossil evidence - Parts 1 & 2

By Ken Gilmore
(Ken Gilmore is a Christadelphian Theist, NOT an Ex-Christadelphian. He DOES NOT support or condone the Atheist position of this website.)
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Video: Leonard Susskind - Is the Universe Fine-Tuned for Life?

Welcome to our newest Editor and Admin

Steve Pryde
We welcome Steve Pryde as a valuable new member of our Editorial and Admin team. Our other editors are Almon McCann, Joseph Strong, Credo Quia Absurdum and John Bedson.

Steven Fry On God

Steven Fry On RTE ONE's "meaning of life." - Contributed by Mark Colston

Gravitational wave evidence disappears into dust

The BICEP result could have
been background noise from dust
By John Bedson

The BICEP2 result has been proved to be not reliable. Our evidence for Cosmic Inflation starting micro-seconds after the Big Bang is no more. We have also lost our evidence for gravitational waves. Very sad, but an excellent example of science self-correcting; something that Christadelphians never do. Click here for more.

My application to re-join the 'In the Beginning' discussion forum

Should Ex-Christadelphians be banned from
contributing to the YEC/EC debate on CD websites?
By John Bedson

There are three interested parties to the YEC/EC discussion:

1. The YECs.
2. The ECs.
3. The Ex-Christadelphians.