New Ex-Christadelphians - May 2014

Jubilant Ex-Christadelphians
celebrating their escape
from the religion 
A very big welcome to these people who recently left the Christadelphians.

Rachel Pearson - Bury St Edmunds UK ecclesia - Resigned
George Parkin - Dunstable UK ecclesia - Resigned
Elizabeth O'Brien - Newport UK ecclesia - Resigned
David Blake - Grimsby UK ecclesia - Disfellowshipped

We invite them to join the Ex-Christadelphians Facebook group to socialise and discuss with over one hundred and sixty other Ex-Christadelphians.

Early Christians and Jews accepted that the firmament of Genesis was solid

The Ken-Cat
By Ken Gilmore
Source: Click here

Nothing demonstrates the fact that Genesis 1 is ancient cosmology and not modern science more effectively than its declaration that the firmament was solid, separating waters above from waters below.

Alan Lightman reviews Amir Aczel's "Why Science Does Not Disprove God"

The Ken-Cat
By Ken Gilmore
Source: Click here

Mathematician and historian of science Amir Aczel's latest book "Why Science Does Not Disprove God" which on the title alone is clearly an attack on New Atheism is reviewed by physicist and writer Alan Lightman in the Washington Post.

Swanwick Special: The Origins of Christadelphianism

By Corky

Christadelphianism began because of one man's idea that there was an "apostasy", long ago, that intentionally hid "the truth" for 1800 years, just waiting for him to re-discover it.

Ken Gilmore and the "Gadarene Charge"

Christadelphian Ken Gilmore thinks his
brethren are like demon possessed pigs
By Joseph Strong

Reading Evolutionary Creationist Ken Gilmore's latest blog post this morning, in which he describes his brethren and sisters as making a "Gadarene Charge" towards Young Earth Creationism set me thinking. - Did Ken really make that statement?

"Everywhere Spoken Against"

By Joseph Strong

“Everywhere Spoken Against” or "Christadelphians have always stirred up trouble and then bleated about it when anybody objects to their nonsense"

Over the last few days, debate has sprung up on this blog as to whether [redacted], (blog owner) and myself Joseph Strong (author and administrator) are unduly harsh in our condemnation of Christadelphian behaviour.

Broadly speaking, I stand accused of condemning the whole of the Christadelphians for the actions of a few of their number.

Swanwick Special: God Is Imaginary - Useful links for young people to consider

By Joseph Strong

Christadelphians are always bothering people (particularly young people, and even more particularly their own young people) to read the Bible and find out the truth for yourself. What this means of course is that they want you to CONFIRM that what they are teaching you actually is the truth.

Swanwick Special: Christadelphian School Menace

By Normally Educated Joseph Strong B.Sc
Christadelphians 24/7 God help us better watch out!

Comments allowed to discuss Evolution

The rule that only members can comment has been lifted temporarily to allow non-members to comment on the Evolution discussion. It will also be lifted over Swanwick Youth Weekend to allow young people to ask questions or comment.


Our cartoons have proved to be hugely popular. Every time we insert one into an article our page views increase. We shall try to insert a suitable cartoon into EVERY article in the future. If you are offended, be assured that we try to offend as many people as possible and you are not really a target. Please take the humour in the good natured way that it is offered. We are using humour to try to break through the bubble of Christadelphian cult thinking and jolt them back to reality.

Ken Gilmore refutes the Neville Clark 'Theistic Creationism' video (Part 2)

The Ken-Cat
By Christadelphian Ken Gilmore
Brisbane Ecclesia Australia

Neville Clark's next major error is in failing to properly define what evolutionary creationists (or theistic  evolutionists as Clark and other science denialists in our community persist in calling them) believe.

Swanwick Jokes

How do Ex-Christadelphians
greet each other?

How do Ex-Christadelphians greet each other at Swanwick Weekend.

(Click below for the answer...)

Heartless Christadelphians
Click the cartoon to read from one of their own books
(Christendom Astray) how Christadelphians
propose at Christ's return  to "greatly thin the
population of the World" and murder millions of people

Swanwick Special: Spend a week in Hell at Swanwick!

By Joseph Strong

Young people: Are you being taken or sent to the Swanwick Family Bible Weekend?....You may be lucky to get away so lightly If your parents are really dedicated Christadelphians, you will be treated to a whole WEEK of it at the end of May in the form of the Swanwick Family Bible School.

New survey finds almost 100% increase in Americans skeptical of the Bible

Source: Click here

A new poll finds a sharp increase in the number of Americans who consider the Bible merely the teachings of men rather than the word of God. The fourth annual State of the Bible survey was conducted just over two months ago by the Barna Group for the American Bible Society.

Swanwick Special: Christadelphian Superstition (with new cartoons)

By Joseph Strong

Tonight's total lunar eclipse (which is not visible from Israel) has sadly brought home to me just how willingly ignorant my former brethren and sisters really are; allowing a leadership to gain prominence that is justly described as superstitious.

Swanwick Special: How do we know what is true - With Stephen Fry


Cartoons: the Founders

Click below for more cartoons

Swanwick - Don't Fall For It!

Swanwick Christadelphian Family Weekend in the UK is  scheduled for 2 - 4 May 2014. Ex-Christadelphians feel an obligation to young people to warn them of the perils of joining a tiny, extremist, fundamentalist religious sect like the Christadelphians.

Christadelphians - The people who think that Noah's flood was global

Most Christadelphians think that Noah's flood covered the entire globe and deposited all of the fossils. The Bible says that it "covered all the high mountains." - Science has categorically proved that this was impossible.

Christadelphians - The people who think that humans can walk on water

Two thousand years ago and many decades after the death of Jesus, his supporters, who never saw it happen, and not independent witnesses, wrote claiming that he and Peter walked on deep water in the Lake of Galilee. Academics are unanimous that Matthew, Mark, Luke and John could NOT have written the accounts that bear their names. - Christadelphians actually believe that it really happened!  
A Christadelphian demonstrates that it
is possible to walk on the lake of Galilee

Christadelphians - The people who think that animals can talk!

 Christadelphians think the serpent in Eden and  Baalim's ass could talk.
- We Ex-Christadelphians know a song about that!  :)

Now our discussion is even better (with new cartoon)

To further improve the quality of our discussion, this blog is now a members only discussion group.

Everyone, including Christadelphians, are invited to become members of the group and they can still use pseudonyms if they prefer. However to prevent abuse, the true identity of members must be known to and approved by the admins of this website.

Cartoons: The Editors

The cartoon below is in response to the commenter
"Air on a G String" in the comments section

Are The Christadelphians A Cult? (Part 1 of 3)

By Joseph Strong

Something that arises often here is whether or not the Christadelphians are a cult. This is a very difficult question for a number of reasons. Nobody who is in a cult will admit that they are. It is only when they make up their minds to leave, and do so, that it becomes obvious to them.

The Christadelphian magazine buys into the 'Blood Moons' nonsense

By Christadelphian Ken Gilmore
Brisbane ecclesia, Australia
Source: Click here 

After the disgraceful spectacle of seeing The Christadelphian grant cover article status to a young earth creationist article in the November 2013 edition, there were signs that this could have been a one-off lapse with the January 2014 article on the challenges inherent in preaching to a post-Christian world, and a fascinating article by archaeologist Leen Ritmeyer in the March 2014 issue on the location of Sodom showing a marked increase in the intellectual tone of the magazine. The granting of cover status to an article on the 'blood moon' nonsense however shows that this may not have been a one-off lapse. If we want to brand ourselves as a fundamentalist irrelevancy, this is exactly how to do it.

The great 'Blood Moons' deception

By Credo Quia Absurdum
There's a video recently published by Rugby Christadelphians on their rather strangely named Bible Truth Prophecy Video Vault channel on YouTube entitled The Coming FOUR Blood Moons and Bible Prophecy Concerning Israel.