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Editor's Note: At the request of the author, this message has been edited to protect his identity from the Christadelphians.

By David Evans (Not his real name)

I really hope that you exceed the efforts of the Christadelphians and take the time to reply to this.

I have been a fan and regular at your website for nearly a year, and has been my go-to for questions that I have had. I am very proud that you saw through the lies of the cult, and began to think for yourselves. Nothing that the Christadelphians teach, and the way that they behave is correct. It is very encouraging that you do this work.

I have heard your website mentioned in their exhortations a few times (something I would be proud of in your situation), simply to loosely attempt to dispute your arguments.

As for my position, I am divided. Can the Bible be this infallible if these contractions are so regular? Or is it just the Christadelphians wresting the scriptures?

First and foremost, I am NOT a Christadelphian, however I am in a relationship with one who has not yet been baptised into the faith but is in a family of very devout Christadelphians.

Her father has (deleted), and being (deleted) for many years is very knowledgeable on how to debate and discuss biblical topics. While I, myself, being only (deleted) years of age do not thoroughly understand the bible, and cannot dispute his (deleted) years of researching this "kingdom", haven't the slightest clue where to start. I would consider myself being quite well researched on biblical matters, as I grew up in a church of Christ.

Which verses and topics in particular aided you to see through the Christadelphian false teachings? I cannot tackle it from a morality perspective, as my girlfriend's family have been screwed over by the Christadelphians for many years and are aware of how un-godly they can behave. It's just the doctrine that remains that they believe is gospel truth. 

I thank you so much for your time, team, in reading this e-mail. I really do love my girlfriend, and her family are truly incredible people, vastly different from regular Christadelphians.

Really hoping to hear back from you, as you are a shining light in this dark world.

With best regards

David Evans (Not his real name)


  1. I must echo John's comments above. Your girlfriends family will be pleasant and welcoming to you, as long as you appear to be accepting of their nonsense. They genuinely hope that their place in the everlasting fantasy kingdom will be cemented by attracting you into their cult.
    However if you show signs of disagreeing with them, and worse, try and steer their daughter away from a life of compliance and subjugation, you will suddenly see their nasty side. Their daughter will be guilt tripped into dropping you like a hot potato and not allowed to see you again.
    John is correct, unless your girlfriend is strong minded enough to resist a lifetime of indoctrination and stand up to her family, your relationship is doomed.

  2. David,

    Mark and John are correct in their advice that your girlfriend`s parents will do all they can to make sure she becomes baptised into the CD sect. John`s comments are often (in my opinion) sometimes expressed in a forceful and over-the-top manner, but that`s John. He`s a pussy cat really, but as you know, cats have claws which can be extended and retracted as necessary. You will be discouraged strongly from associating with your girlfriend unless you show a willingness to be baptised yourself. You should not do this. I`m glad you find your girlfriend`s parents pleasant. The Christadelphian friends I have retained over the many years since leaving the Christadelphians are also pleasant. I rarely discuss my disbelief with them, and if I did so strongly, I guess some of them might fall out with me, but certainly not all. I think you should read (if you haven`t already done so) some of Bart D. Ehrman`s writings, such as "Jesus, Interrupted" or "Forged". Try to get your girlfriend to discuss what Bart has to say. Try to get her to question what she was taught as a child. How does she know this is the Truth if she hasn`t tested it? I think if she loves you as you love her then the relationship is worth preserving, but not at any cost. If she is firmly under the thumb of her parents, will she always be? You need to start to lever her out. Go to it. Good luck.

  3. If you remain unbaptised, your girlfriend is baptised, and you get married, the exact response will vary from family to family and ecclesia to ecclesia. There is no one size fits all template. As stated above, some will disfellowship her completely. Some will disfellowship her on the understanding that she can be received back once she acknowledges she has sinned. And some will accept both her and you (though they will probably continue to encourage you to be baptised). As for the parents, in my experience most Christadelphian parents wish to retain the best relationship they can with their children and their children's partners, even if they disagree with their life choices.

    If you remain unbelieving, it will make things more difficult, but so long as your girlfriend, her parents and the ecclesia react sanely it can probably be made to work. Whether that is wise is your call, and I'm not sure you were even asking advice on it...

    To reasons for unbelief: My personal story was that I suddenly realised that when I prayed there was no way of knowing if there was someone on the other end. I then slowly over a number of years came across other reasons for doubting the Bible and the Christadelphian teachings. And very little of that gets a positive response from believers. But I think it's valuable to question how we know the Bible was inspired by God, how it got into the form it is in now, and how we know we have interpreted it correctly (after all, there are rather a lot of denominations and interpretations from the same text, and some of them view other texts as canonical as well). Be aware that while your girlfriend's father may be extremely knowledgable about traditional Christadelphian interpretations of the text, he may be less aware of current scholarly interpretations, and he may be so used to looking at scriptures through a Christadelphian lens that he can't see what it actually says.

    Prophecy is particularly open to question: If it's so clear, how come Christadelphians have continually made wrong predictions based on it? How can you be sure that passages from different prophets refer to the same event and should be linked together? How do you know that prophecies like the return of Israel were talking about the second exile rather than the first exile when they were given? Why were the NT writers incorrect in expecting the return of Christ in their lifetime?

    If you haven't read Unbelievable (linked in the sidebar) I would recommend it. It's free, it's not too long, it contains various reasons to disbelieve the Christadelphian account, and Rob also talks about his personal experiences and the responses of the Christadelphian community to him leaving.

    1. I attempted to answer David Evans' questions. I assume he will read all the comments and make a judgement based on his specific scenario, which we don't know all the details of. I was just providing a different perspective from those already given as the one true answer.

      My ecclesia accepted people marrying outside the faith even when the unbelieving partner rarely/never attended, and I assume it is not the only one like that. But even with liberal parents in a liberal ecclesia it will make things harder and I imagine put a strain on the relationship. I would not recommend it.

    2. As to prophecy and the inspiration of the Bible, I was listing some of the questions I have that get to the root of the problem. I share your dislike of Christadelphian prophecy experts who "with Bible in hand" make predictions that usually turn out false. I don't understand how they remain confident that their next prediction will be a success when their previous ones failed. But then, I was never convinced by their prophetic brilliance when I was a believer.

  4. I am still a member but not for much longer, i spent 4 years going because my relation is a Christadelphian and have been for 60 odd year so it must be right that was until i started reading the Bible for myself, then i began to find over 20 things they were saying which did not line up with what i was reading, most does not matter but some do, in fact so much so that Jesus will reject them for salvation on his return. and yes I have found that if you do not attend their church anymore they do not want to know you, it is as if they are the chosen ones and no other Christian will get a look in on Jesus return, So they cant even keep one commandment like love your neighbour because they sure are hostile towards me since i left i can tell when i speak to them on phone. Since i left 2 years ago not once have they phoned me, but i will continue to keep in contact because that is the right thing to do.

  5. I am a Cd but have not attended for 2 years now, i went to cyc when i was about 14 years old, i decided to return to the church when i was 62 and spent about 4 years going, because my cousin attended, and she been going for 60 odd years so i did believe at that time she knew what she was talking about, how wrong i was i t took me 4 years of reading the Bible to find out how wrong they were, I found over 29 things that did not line up with what i was reading some did not affect salvation but many did, but they truly believe that they are the chosen few. and yes they do get nasty if you leave. in fact they dont speak to me now and when i do phone they always make a excuse to cut me short.

    1. Les, you escaped from the CD's for 52 years and then somehow got drawn back in by a CD cousin who had been deluded for 60 years. Then you questioned them.
      CD's want members for 3 reasons:
      (1) To make them feel good.
      (2) To promote their beliefs.
      (3) Money
      If you fail them in any of the above, you will annoy them, and they will have no further interest in you.
      The daftest thing you can do is to is to even suggest that they could be wrong on any matter. That is simply not possible for them to contemplate. They are "the saints" and are not there to be questioned.
      They don't answer you because they want nothing to do with you. Consider yourself lucky, and resume your escape, join 7 billion others in similar circumstances. Find a better book to read.

  6. If you love this woman, and if she loves you, then do what is necessary to work around the flack and the impediments that her congregation throws at you. If it were me, I'd continue the relationship until across the Rubicon, then drag your feet, impede their nonsense, and sabotage them in every way possible until they have little or no influence in your lives. It has been done before, plenty. I'd guess a very significant percentage of CD marriages are with outsiders, and most simply fall into line and go through the motions of CD membership. Others do a fast fade along the lines of "I stopped being interested." Still others sabotage the CD fantasy world to the extent to which they are capable.

    If you want something badly enough, don't let any of the world's nonsense prevent you from obtaining it.

    1. Marley, this article is 3 years old. On publication, I would have made comments that were later removed, at my request when I gave up my involvement here.
      Becoming involved in this way with a Christadelphian is a high risk activity. A risk in which the possible downsides almost certainly outweigh the benefits.
      While your romantic notions look attractive, this is sadly reality, and the better move is to spin on one's heels and make for the door, and when outside, stay outside, and avoid all the trouble.


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