Cartoon - Swanwick Bible School

Brother Jonathan Bowen's talk is
in the main hall - followed by
assault rifle practice on the lawn

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  1. Assault rifles? Really? You think God would stoop to using the wisdom of the world in this way?

    There are plenty of verses about the weaponry in use. It's just a struggle to decide which is the most appropriate. For example, there is Psalm 18:34 - that would make a good, strengthening training exercise. And clearly the context involves destruction of enemies, though it seems to suggest unspecified close up weapons as well. Ezekiel 39 makes it quite clear the weapons the enemy are using - bows and arrows, clubs and spears. And also the weapon God uses: fire (yes, literal fire, not fire arms).

    But then we cross to the new covenant and it explicitly disavows all these physical weapons in favour of spiritual ones (Eph 6:10 - 18, for example). I cannot find any reference in scripture to using assault rifles. Best to have faith and stick to the bows of bronze.


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