Christadelphian Cartoons

Christ has returned!

When brother Jonathan Bowen
starts shouting "Theistic Evolutionists
are dragging our young people
off to their deaths" you know
that he's had enough
Brother Jonathan Bowen was right
- This is how Christ established
his Kingdom 

I worry that there are so few that
they won't be able to breed successfully

This club is run by Christadelphians
- Women are not allowed on the greens

I won't be out of work for long
- I've applied to be the new editor
of the Christadelphian magazine

He was a member of the LOGOS
committee - He never speaks
about what happened

We bait the trap with dusty old
books and when a Berea-Portal
reader enters it snaps shut

No you can't  be a  "Socialist
Christadelphian non-voter"

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