Still haunted by Christadelphian memories

Dear Ex-Christadelphians

I have only just come across your website. I was a cdn for over a great many years and resigned xxx years ago. I have never doubted that my resignation was the right option. My question is that after all these years, I am still haunted by the memories of those times, and have never been able to completely move on. I still see a couple of cdns from time to time, it might help if I ended all such associations. But are you aware of other ex-cdns who have had issues like this? If so can you give me any information on how others have coped with this.

Thank you
Anthony Burges

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  1. For many years after leaving the CDs, I was afraid to say anything unfavorable about them. I felt it would be a betrayal of my heritage, and that Divine punishment would follow. That was how thoroughly they fXXked with my head. For years after leaving them, I would still on occasion come into their company, and despite my departure parrot their nonsensical religious beliefs and values, simply because I was in their midst. That also is how thoroughly they fxxked with my head. While inside their denomination, despite having serious reservations about much of what they believed, I posed no refutations to their theology, because I was afraid of being rebuked or expelled. That, too, speaks volumes. Break off all associations with them. If necessary, break off all associations with CD family members. It will be painful, but you cannot retain them as pollutants in your head.


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