I need advice please. What should I do? - Email from a reader.

How can I leave
the Christadelphians?
Dear Ex-Christadelphians

I was brought up Christadelphian but left home and got married when I was 21. Due to pressure, guilt etc from my family I eventually got baptized. My husband and children have not come into the faith. I am fond of my bros and sisters in the ecclesia and many of them are my family; but I am really just attending out of duty. I have come to the point where I don't believe in God at all. I feel like a fraud and just going through the motions.

I only attend the breaking of bread, and not every Sunday. My dilemma is whether to carry on pretending to avoid hurting my family? I have been 'faking' it for about 3 years, but it's a bit like being in a loveless marriage, you can only pretend for so long. I am afraid that my wider family will reject me for leaving the religion. I would be interested in knowing if others have been in this position and how they have dealt with it.
Susan (Name altered by editor)       

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