Email from an escaped Christadelphian

Freedom from Christadelphianism
is easier than you think
Hello John

I've been intending to write to you for a while to congratulate you on the great work you are doing.  You, together with Bart Ehrman have given me the means to escape the mental prison in which we were once were trapped.

I remember, shortly after being deluded into 'the truth', collecting the books you were so zealous in producing thirty years ago and how the pious 'holier than thou' clique treated you.  It has always been in the back of my mind.

Escaping from the stranglehold of Christadelphianism  is not easy, but it is possible, even when their mindless nonsense is burned into your brain. In the interest of marital harmony I am still at the moment regarded as being 'in fellowship' however, but that's all.  Won't be seen near a Christadelphian hall. 

It's great to see so many young people seeing the light. Good luck and keep spreading the word.
With kind regards
(Name withheld by editor)

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  1. If you won't be seen near a Christadelphian hall, in time they will make a point out of your absence. I was excommunicated for marrying out of the faith, and when I pointed out others who had married outside the faith and who had not been excommunicated, they then excommunicated me for being "absent for too long from the table of the Lord." I'd been absent because I had been unable to attend their lethally boring gatherings; it didn't matter, they booted me anyway. It was a convenient "catch all" reason for shoving people out the door. You, dear emailer, should by now be making incremental steps to get your spouse and other family members out of this nutty bunch. Having blessed me with my exit ticket, the only way I'd go back to them now would be in a coffin.


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