Why is it that the editors of the Christadelphian magazine are so concerned about telling us how to behave, while they themselves seem to ignore the commandments of Christ?

Let me show you what we subscribers to the electronic version of The Christadelphian magazine get every month when we receive the downloadable version:

Can you believe that?

"Freely you have received, freely give." (Matthew 10:8) was the command of Christ to his followers. But Andrew and Roger want their pound of flesh from the rest of us.

We have to "restrict its use" and not circulate further" when it comes to their magazine proclaiming the Gospel!

Well they need not worry about me circulating their handy-work. It is so boring, shallow, ill-informed and irrelevant that I would not insult any of my friends by sending my copy to them.  

And what's all this threat of "copyright"? I thought Christadelphians were not supposed to go to law with each other? So why do the editors make thinly veiled legal threats against their Christadelphian readers? 

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