Ex-Christadelphian Lunches and Social Afternoons - Melbourne and Sydney

The Conservatory Restaurant at Crown Casino Melbourne

We are arranging a lunch and social afternoon for Ex-Christadelphians at the Conservatory Restaurant at the Crown Entertainment Complex in the middle of Melbourne Australia. Cost $48.00 with everything included except drinks. Tea and Coffee is included.

It will be a weekday lunch. Or we can move it to a Saturday, with an increase in cost to $61.00. Parking at the complex is cheap and often free if you buy a lunch.

If you can't afford the cost, Ex-Christadelphians funds will confidentially subsidise it for you.

Sisters DON'T have to wear hats!!

The date will be sometime in June 2013.

Numbers are likely to be small.

If you want to fly in for the event we can meet you at the airport and take you back later.

It will be a great opportunity to talk and laugh about old times in the religion and catch up on the gossip.

Christadelphians who are thinking of leaving are also welcome to attend and discover how brilliant it is after you leave the religion.

Email us if you want to come so that we can firm up our plans.

We are also thinking of arranging something similar in Sydney Australia later this year.

Ex-Christadelphians in the Sydney and NSW area please let us know if you are interested.

How about Adelaide Australia, Birmingham or Nottingham in the UK?

Ex-Christadelphians in those areas should contact us so that we can try to arrange something for you.

Please help by advertising this on other Ex-Christadelphian and Christadelphian websites to get the word out.


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  1. Now that sounds like a real "Fraternal" !


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