Corky's Revelation

Nineteen years ago - which was fifteen years after leaving Christadelphianism and becoming an atheist - I had a vision and a revelation from God. Yes! It really happened! Well, let me tell you about it.

I was in the hospital recovering from heart surgery when all of a sudden a bright light appeared in my room between my bed and the door. An hallucination for sure, I thought, until a figure appeared resembling a man. I then pressed the button summoning the nurse because I figured something was wrong but no nurse came.

The vision then spoke - in my mind and not in audible words and explained to me that Jesus had returned just as he said he would do in that generation of 2,000 years ago and the kingdom was established on the earth just as he said it would be. I knew in my mind that the vision meant that the kingdom of God was the Christian Church. Not only that but I was supposed to carry this message to my brethren - meaning the Christadelphians, of course.

The vision disappeared and I fell asleep. I was awakened later by visitors but I kept the vision to myself until I could talk to the doctor about it. The doctor laughed and said that the medications do strange things to some people.

The vision did bother me though and a few years ago I did mention this vision to certain Christadelphians on the Bible Truth Discussion Forum - by private message, of course. They were pretty quick to explain to me that this doctrine was known as "Preterism" and a god-awful doctrine it is too, they said in so many words. Well, then they explained how and why it couldn't be true etc and I'm glad they did because I had the thought in the back of my mind that I might be ignoring God or something. What a relief that turned out to be!

I'm glad I didn't succumb to this so-called "religious experience" like so many other people do - like someone praying for a rare car part and then finding one and then believing that it was God's answer to their prayer. It's funny though, that they never have another vision or answered prayer once they get off the medication or quit the dope and/or get their mouth off the bottle.

Peace, Christadelphians and once again - thank you.

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