Why God Doesn't Heal Amputees

Both science and common sense long ago concluded that severed limbs don't regenerate in human beings. Science can account for this and may some day be able to overcome it.

However, if one believes in miracles, it's an absolute contradiction to rule out the regeneration of a severed limb. That would be no more a miracle than the cancer cures that are claimed all the time.

Praying for a limb to grow back is something a little more tangible; it's easier to pray for something that has a reasonable possibility of happening, by chance or by work, rather than something that the Christians know won't happen.

The fact that no one prays for a severed limb to regrow is proof that underneath all the posturing and pretense of faith, some rationality has survived. People don't even dare to pray for the regrowth of a severed limb because they know it's impossible.


  1. You hateful old bastard, are you still around?

  2. Of course not, I died and went to heaven - haven't you heard?

  3. Right on as usual, Corky. If God truly heals, why doesn't he heal amputees? Is he unable to? Does he not love amputees? Is it so they can learn and grow? Inquiring minds need to know!

    The first "comment", if you want to call it that, reminds me of a quote from Harry Truman: "People say I give 'em hell. I don't give 'em hell. I just tell the truth and they think it's hell!

  4. The Skeptic said...

    >>The first "comment", if you want to call it that, reminds me of a quote from Harry Truman: "People say I give 'em hell. I don't give 'em hell. I just tell the truth and they think it's hell!<<

    Isn't that what I do, and all of you think it is hell. So there is a mad scramble to delete or censor all my posts!

    Anyway, God is able to raise the dead, so restoring the limbs of an amputee should be easy. Do you know any amputees that have asked God to restore his or her limbs? Or do they sit and hope that it will just happen?

  5. Tom,

    I agree with your logic but not your assertion. IF God were able to raise the dead, I agree, she certainly should be able to restore the limbs of an amputee. BUT ... there is no evidence of God ever doing either one.

    So ... out of all the thousands of amputees in the world, don't you think even a single one is a good christian and has prayed for healing? Oh, I get it - it's the amputee's fault for not properly jumping through God's hoops. Right.

  6. Tom said....

    >Do you know any amputees that have asked God to restore his or her limbs? <

    Be the first to find out. Cut your penis off then pray to God for it to grow back. Its a matter of faith....

    1. LOL. God only "heals" people with invisible ailments who can jump up from wheelchairs and dance for fifteen seconds before collapsing on some some charlatan's stage. The charlatan then compensates for this by claiming to have touched them and "slain them in the Holy Spirit."

  7. Amputees: An Intro to Logic.

    Symbolic Logic and the If-Then Conditional.

    If P, THEN Q.

    P -> Q

    28 But IF I cast out devils by the Spirit of God (P), THEN the kingdom of God is come unto you. (Q)

    43 Therefore say I unto you, The kingdom of God shall be taken from you (~Q).

    Therefore, Christ is NOT casting out devils by the Spirit of God. (~P)

    P -> Q
    Therefore, ~P


    His Apostles were temporarily under the same directive:

    Luk 10: 9 And HEAL the sick that are therein, and say unto them, The kingdom of God is come nigh unto you.

    INQUIRY: IF God should heal amputees today, THEN logically conclude that the Kingdom of God is among "us" "today"...

    If you can not, then the claim that God should is invalid.

  8. Don't have to go through all that - amputees weren't healed back then either.

  9. Christ restored the ear that one of his disciples cut off his enemy, or had you forgotten?

    1. That's a story. What reason do you have to believe it happened? Do you think anything like that happens now? If so, when and where and how do you know? If not, why does it not happen now when supposedly it happened a couple of thousand years ago?

    2. Of course, if you believe the 17th century peasant's witness of the "Miracle of Calada" (and why not, if you believe iron age scribes and gospel "records"?), then of course it has been done.

      How about this one, or should I say 80? Do we rank these as human successes, or Angels working through humans to produce miracles of limb replacement?


    3. No recent records exist of anyone miraculously curing Down's Syndrome through faith. Or successfully restoring missing body parts. Or bringing back the dead. Etc. God seems to have many categories of people he dislikes more than others. More shameful than the few charlatans who claim "to cure by faith" are their foolish adherents who collaborate in insisting such things happen. I am waiting for Pastor Joel Osteen's ratings to start sagging, and for him to then start "faith healing" in front of his stadiums full of people. I briefly enjoyed his cheerful religious pep talks about a huggable God, until they became so syrupy my breakfast would begin coming up.


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