Adam sinned and condemned us all to death (huh?) or so the story goes. And here we are now, all condemned and everything and our righteousness is as filthy rags and we are all blind, miserable, poor and naked (spiritually, that is) and the only thing to do is repent and get fixed - 'cause we're broken, you see? And it's all Adam's fault . . . or Eve's - one of 'em anyway - because of eating a magical fruit from a magical tree in a magical garden that doesn't exist.

Anyway though, have you ever noticed that those who go to church, get converted and study the Bible day and night to "get fixed" are the most hateful people in the world?

I noticed, and that's why I started my new blog, The Failure of Christianity. I want to show that the Christian religion is a monster, not just an ordinary murderous monster (which it is) but the most evil, monstrous thing ever invented by humans (which it is).

Since its very beginning there was the infighting between the apostle over circumcision and the law of Moses. This humble, pious beginning escalated into wars between nations and has not yet ceased to satiate its appetite for blood.

The idea that Jesus is going to return and make peace at long last is not what is said in the Christian's holy word - "when the Lord Jesus is revealed from heaven with his mighty angels, in flaming fire, inflicting vengeance on those who do not know God and on those who do not obey the gospel of our Lord Jesus". (2 Thess 1:7-8)

No, Jesus is to return and cause war and destroy and inflict plagues on all the world, killing nearly everyone in the most horrible ways according to the book of Revelation. 
But, that's nothing new, there are plenty of examples of God ordained murder and genocide in the Old Testament.
Therefore, I believe it is the Christian who needs to repent and "get fixed", because they are the ones who are broken, not the ones on whom they wish God's wrath to fall. After all, the magical tree and the magical serpent and the magical garden never even existed, and just think of all the millions who have died (been tortured and murdered) because of ignorant people believing that old Mesopotamian myth of Adapa.


  1. The reason why so many mean bastards are sitting in churches is because they went there to get their "meanness" fixed and it never got fixed. They remained mean and nasty. Naturally. The only difference is that they're now mean and nasty in the presence of stained glass windows.

  2. None of this is true. From the start, the writer misunderstands our condemnation as a result of Adam's fall. If Adam didn't sin, we would have been born in Eden. Adam did sin, so we weren't born in Eden. We are affected by the consequences of Adam's sin. Not really thst hard to understand. If you want to see why Christianity has been really GOOD for human civilisation, look up "Is Christianity Harmful?" by Inpsiring Philosophy on YouTube.

    1. Anon, why so shy? surely you could think of a name, even a fake name, in order to revive ( or should I say resurrect) a near 14 year old post. Only a handful of members here use their real names, I wonder why, what do people have to fear, such that they need to hide?
      Just to point something out. All Christadelphians, believe that all the billions of "other" Christians "misunderstood" the Bible, something that was not corrected until Dr Thomas had his "shipwreck experience" and figured it all out once and for all, despite it, as you point out, "Not really that hard to understand".


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