Hunting Unicorns

What the hell has Michele Bachmann been smoking? America's favorite batshit-crazy Minnesotan has introduced a bill to "bar the dollar from being replaced by any foreign currency." Not that anyone's proposing we do that, mind you. I guess it's just in case.

I guess the wingnut "global currency" question at Obama's press conference has Michele all freaked out. But would a global currency actually be a foreign currency? I think logic would say no. They eat cheese in Europe, we eat cheese here, does this make cheese a "foreign" food?

Anyway, it doesn't matter much. The whole thing's a bunch of crap and Shelly's saving us from a made-up currency that probably wouldn't be anymore problematic than traveler's checks anyway.

Next up, a ban on hunting unicorns . . . (Yglesias)


  1. "Next up, a ban on hunting unicorns . . . "

    Tastes like chicken.

  2. So Q are you lobbying to ban unicorn-hunting just because they're unclean? You just haven't had any that was cooked right! ;-)

  3. Don't forget, grasshoppers are also clean, Q.

    Ever tried fried grasshopper?

  4. They aren't biblically clean but I would eat crayfish (crawdad) long before I starved to death looking at fried grass hoppers.

    Leviathan meat ain't bad either.

  5. Word to the wise Cork, looks like PT's been hijacked. More news at ISA.

  6. The PT has not been hijacked. John B happens to be one of my life-long friends, in fact since our teenage years. He rode my first motorcycle as much as I did! Believe me, he turned the site over to someone who can most definitely be trusted.

    Some of those who have just burst on the scene recently don't remember the PT site from its heyday. Though atheists were present, it never was an atheist site. It was an ABA (anything but Armstrongism) site. The only editor who ever openly pushed the atheist agenda was Mike Minton.

    In the early days, we had regular commentary from a couple of former WCG ministers, interviews with COG-7 ministers, links to the sites of Pam Dewey, Mark Tabladillo, and the Exit and Support Network.

    The dude who did the campus humor jokes (Bob W.) always signed them "your brother in Christ", and Ed never did edit that out.

    Regular contributions to the core site were greatly curtailed by the debut of the PT Forum. It was easier to just post one's ideas in forum form rather than to write an article, submit it to Ed, and have him approve it and post it on the main site.

    What some of the new people don't yet realize is that these dissident sites, or tenure as editor thereof, have a limited lifespan. Burnout and/or recovery often diminish the on-edge quality of an editor's personality, and it becomes time to either close down a site, or turn the baton over to a fresh runner.

    I'm so glad that Douglas Becker's works are being preserved at the PT site for posterity. He is a fine Christian, and presents some good intellect-based alternatives for the mix.


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