Cartoon: The "wisdom of the world"

Without a triple bypass you'll be dead within a week.
But as you are a Christadelphian, if you are going to
keep telling me that is "the wisdom of the world",
I recommend that you go home and pray for God
to unblock your coronary arteries.


  1. And this illustrates the double standards that CDs live by. If scientists make new and exciting discoveries about the origins of the universe, they're dismissed as "just a load of rubbish". But when they want a new phone, laptop, car etc. suddenly the wisdom of man is a good thing.

  2. The irony is they are forever changing thir minds, and then
    discounting the last theory they tried to palmoff.

    Especially when it comes to the Universe and its unfathomable beginning and the reason for its existence.

    No one knows as they were not there at the time.

    The Bible explains it so simply a "little child" can understand it.

    Which is the poor athiests stumbling block.


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