By 'Fed Up With Religion'

STOP and consider this for a moment.

If the Bible and Christianity were introduced as a NEW religion today, how would it be received?

It's inevitable, the Young Earth Creationist
loonies are going to split from the
Evolutionary Creationist fruitcakes

The end of religion

By 'Fed up with religion'

If we as a species are to move forward, it is extremely important that this mass delusion called religion, in whatever form that may take, be addressed. Evolution in consciousness is frozen at the time the Romans worked out religion would be a perfect way to control the population. This website is helping with that progress, so kudos to all involved for that.

New scientific discovery shows that Armageddon was four billion years ago

Illustration Credit:
Dana Berry/SwRI
By Diana Lutz

Recent measurements of an element in Earth and Moon rocks have disproved the current leading hypotheses for the origin of the Moon, shown what actually happened at the time of the formation of the Earth and its Moon and further disparaged the mythical and erroneous Biblical account of creation.

'If a little horn of the goat had ten toes that lasted
seventy weeks after a great harlot of Babylon had fallen
off a beast with eighteen heads, how long would it take for
Christ to return if Angela Merkel loses the German election?'
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Cartoon - Swanwick Bible School

Brother Jonathan Bowen's talk is
in the main hall - followed by
assault rifle practice on the lawn

Are you kidding me? NOBODY knows
how Evolutionary Creationism works!
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