About Us

Welcome to Ex-Christadelphians. We were once Christadelphians but we grew tired of making excuses for the inconsistencies in the Bible and the poor nature of the evidence supporting our faith. We dared to step outside the confines of our religious indoctrination and to think for ourselves. What we found was amazing and we want to share our discoveries with you. 

On this website we explain why we think that Christadelphians and the Bible are mistaken. Here you will find articles, videos and discussion about our true origins. We explore the latest developments of science, technology, human understanding and moral enlightenment. Here you can learn about the origins of our universe, our planet, the diversity of living species, humanity and much more. We will take you to the forefront of human discovery of these important subjects. 

We will show you how to replace Christadelphian indoctrination with an enthusiasm for knowledge about what is really happening in our universe and how to live a morally enlightened life free from the constraints of Christadelphianism or the CBM. 

We can show you a better way to live your life.

Editors and Administrators

John Bedson (Australia), Joseph Strong (UK), Credo Quia Absurdum (UK), Mancott (UK), Steve Pryde (Australia), Jakarta Jack (Australia), Francis Mbalanga (Zambia).

Website Founder

This website is dedicated to the memory of its founder Almon (Corky) McCann (1947 - 2016) who created it in 2008 and who first established the concept of an Ex-Christadelphians community. Corky was also the founder of the Ex-Christadelphians Facebook Discussion Group that has hundreds of members. 

Send us a message: Ex-Christadelphians@Hotmail.Com