About Us

The Ex-Christadelphians website is run by former Christadelphians with two primary goals in mind:

  1. To put forward evidence and reasoning that we think demonstrates flaws in the Bible and/or Christadelphian beliefs relating to it. This does not mean we think Christadelphians are stupid or malevolent. Certainly many Christadelphians are intelligent and nice people. However, we believe there is more to reality than what many Christadelphians are being taught, and we hope to provide some enlightenment where possible.

  2. To provide support for other ex-Christadelphians as they transition to a new and perhaps unfamiliar world. The process of de-conversion is not always easy or straightforward, and it can be very difficult to adjust to a new life, and to find meaning and purpose therein. We're here to help, by providing experience and insight from many who have walked this path before.
We also have some secondary goals, as follows:

  • To encourage critical thinking and the application of the scientific method to all aspects of belief and truth.
  • To encourage an appreciation of life and all that it offers.
  • To facilitate healthy, constructive (and hopefully civil) discussion with Christadelphians and ex-Christadelphians alike.

There are also numerous other Ex-Christadelphian websites, some of which are linked to from this website.

Website Founder

This website is dedicated to the memory of its founder Almon (Corky) McCann (1947 - 2016) who created it in 2008 and who first established the concept of an Ex-Christadelphians community. Corky was also the founder of the Ex-Christadelphians Facebook Discussion Group that has hundreds of members. 

Send us a message: Ex-Christadelphians@Hotmail.Com