About Us

Ex-Christadelphians are a coalition of Atheists and Theists who reject Christadelphianism.

On this website we mostly follow an Atheist agenda, but a considerable number of Ex-Christadelphians are Theists. 

We are not a fellowship. We are an international network of friends who have no leadership or organisation.

There are numerous Ex-Christadelphian websites, some of which are linked to from this website.

Editors and Administrators

John Bedson (Australia), Joseph Strong (UK), Credo Quia Absurdum (UK), Mancott (UK), Steve Pryde (Australia), Jakarta Jack (Australia), Francis Mbalanga (Zambia).

Website Founder

This website is dedicated to the memory of its founder Almon (Corky) McCann (1947 - 2016) who created it in 2008 and who first established the concept of an Ex-Christadelphians community. Corky was also the founder of the Ex-Christadelphians Facebook Discussion Group that has hundreds of members. 

Send us a message: Ex-Christadelphians@Hotmail.Com