Broadening your perspective

An important part of moving on from the Christadelphians is learning to see the community from an outsider's perspective. This includes understanding that the Christadelphian community is not an entirely unique phenomenon but forms part of a whole array of nonconformist movements that emerged around the same time and in a similar social-historical context.

In this article at, a former Jehovah's Witness shares a few thoughts on a number of 'similar religions' which all developed around the same time, including the Christadelphians. He points out that Witnesses are required to believe that their beliefs and practices are unique and that they are the only ones to possess truth and the correct understanding of the Bible - much like the Christadelphians. Once you realise this isn't quite the whole picture, you're on the way to breaking out of the bubble and achieving a more objective view - no matter which group you belong to.

Have a browse around this well-written and interesting site ( and you may recognise more similarities between Jehovah's Witnesses and Christadelphians - as well as some key differences. Both are instructive.

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