Christadelphian Bible Mission Racism

The CBM say that
blacks are cursed
by God to be servants
to the whites
By John Bedson

On the CBM Tanzania website there is an exposition of Genesis Chapter Nine in which they explain to black African candidates for baptism that according to the Bible they are the descendants of Canaan (a grandson of Noah) who was the son of Ham (a son of Noah) who fathered the evil Canaanites who were mostly slaughtered by Joshua when he ethnically cleansed the land of Canaan and established Hebrew rule in their place. 

I hate John Bedson

Emma Gubika
By Emmanuel Gubika

Dear Reuben, I am really concerned about what your future spiritual life is coming to. John and Mbalanga do not believe in God and Jesus. I believe in God. So I consider John and Mbalanga Fools whom I can't work with to spread stupidity of "there is no God." I know that you may be desperate for working with the whites but know for sure you crushed your faith in a fatal manner.

A warning to Christadelphians - Don't allow yourselves to be scammed by some corrupt African Christadelphians

Beware being scammed by some
African Christadelphians
By John Bedson

There is a scamming operation underway in which considerable sums of money are being fraudulently taken by African Christadelphians, not only from the CBM, but also from individual Christadelphians in the United Kingdom and the Developed World.