This young lady needs our help and advice please

I’m not a Christadelphian nor have been raised to be one but on the other hand my boyfriend is. I’m concerned and very aware that my boyfriend parents do not believe I am the right person for him, I’m not entirely sure what he has been taught is right/wrong and the pressure that he may be facing with having a relationship with me, maybe you can share your own experience to make me more aware.

Video: Was the emergence of life inevitable? - Dr. Eric Smith

Dr. Smith shows that the emergence of life on Earth might have been the inevitable consequence of a cascade of non-equilibrium phase transitions that opened new channels for chemical energy flow on Earth. The talk starts at 3.40 secs.

Gog and The Merchants of Tarshish fight side by side in the Middle East!

By John Bedson

Russian, British and US forces are allies in Syria 
Christadelphians are confounded by recent developments in the Middle East. Three years ago they were saying that Damascus would be destroyed in fulfillment of Bible prophecy. That prediction has since been abandoned, along with thousands of other Christadelphian predictions over the past one hundred and seventy five years.

Earth's earliest life forms may have been discovered

Haematite tubes from approximately four billion years old NSB hydrothermal vent deposits that represent the oldest microfossils and evidence for life on Earth yet discovered. Credit: Matthew Dodd

Editor's note: This evidence is not conclusive, but it is very exciting. Our best theory for the origin of life is that life formed under the sea in hydrothermal vents. See here for more and Google search 'Origin of life hydrothermal vents.

The Earth formed approximately 4.6 billion years ago and if these fossils are verified they could represent one of the 'missing links' between inanimate matter and self replicating life.

Science has never before found anything like these fossils. This could be the final nail that science has to drive into the coffin of Theism. We already know that God did not create the diversity of living species as described in Genesis. Evolution did that. But if God can be proven to have not formed life, the 'God of the gaps' will lose his last remaining hidey hole and Christadelphians will have to reconcile themselves to living in a world without God and a Bible that mostly is only myth, legend and human superstition.