The death of Almon McCann

Almon (Corky) McCann
1947 - 2016

By John Bedson

It is with much sorrow that we report the recent death of Almon (Corky) McCann on 5th February 2016 following a long battle with cancer. He was 68 years of age. Almon was the founder of this website in 2008 and also the founder of the Facebook Ex-Christadelphians group, which now numbers approximately two hundred members.

There have been Ex-Christadelphians for over a century and a half, but Almon was the first person to define them as an entity and to organise them to support and empower themselves to present a united opposition to the beliefs and practices of the Christadelphians. He also helped many hundreds of people to deconvert and to adopt rational thinking in place of the indoctrinated superstitious and fideist beliefs of the Christadelphians. 

Almon was truly the founder of the Ex-Christadelphian movement. Without his work we would have remained a scattered group of individuals, shunned, judged and mocked by the Christadelphians. Thanks to him we have united to support our members and to take the argument to the Christadelphians as we explain to them why they most certainly do not possess The Truth.

I learned a great deal from Almon, but the greatest lesson that I learned was that we cannot deconvert Christadelphians; they have to deconvert themselves. We have to patiently outline our case as best we can and then wait until they figure out for themselves that what they believe does not make any sense.

That's what this website is all about. We give Christadelphians the reasons why they should stop believing and to start thinking critically. We give them the confidence that they are not alone with their doubts about their own faith. We have trodden that path before them and discovered to our joy that it leads to a wonderful place where the shackles of childhood indoctrination and religious dogma fall away, and our minds are finally free to follow truth wherever it may lead.

On behalf of all Ex-Christadelphians I say "Thank you Almon." We will miss you terribly and we sorrow that we will never meet your like again. You were an elder statesman in our Ex-Christadelphian community and we will miss you as a beloved father and friend - but NOT as a Brother in Christ!   :)

Almon is survived by his wife, Roberta Joan Green-McCann; her daughter, JoAnn Stout (Kenny) of Macon; children, Ellen Brooks, Nancy Fulmer, Daniel McCann, Melody Carson, Philip McCann; his brothers David McCann, Terry McCann and Philip Andrew “Andy” Miller; ten grandchildren and five great grandchildren. Our condolences go to them all.


  1. I wish to echo John`s words. I found Almon on the web some years ago, and although I was already at that time an ex-CD, this site has encouraged me. I have sometimes felt frustration at the blindness of Cd`s, but I have come to the realisation that they have to come themselves to see the error in which they are entangled. It has to come from within them.

  2. I loved the many discussions I've had with Almon over the years. He always had interesting things to contribute.

    I am extremely grateful for the ex cd Facebook group. It has been a huge source of comfort and encouragement to me.

    Almon will be deeply missed.

  3. Sad news. I have enjoyed reading the many articles and comments on this site over the past couple of years and am grateful to him for setting up such a valuable resource for those who wish to escape the clutches of CDism. I'll raise a glass to him tonight.

  4. I dislike this website. ALL ARE LIES ON THIS SITE! For one, we do NOT shun Ex-CDs, unless you count pockets of people, who are unacceptable. PS. you are really ex-christian, not ex-christadelphians

    1. Yeah, yeah, yeah. We are not fooled by you. We know what you animals are like and your dressing up in sheep's clothing will not stop us smelling the snarling wolves underneath.

    2. Anonymous, one of my reasons for being on this site is to correct things I perceive as errors or over-statements about what all Christadelphians are like. That includes Christadelphian statements as well as ex-Christadelphian statements. To say all Christadelphians shun Ex-CDs is false. To say that none do is also false. Like many things in life, there is no simple, absolute answer, but I'm guessing more do than you think.

      If you dislike the site, you are entitled to go away without reading it. But you lose all credibility if you make absolute statements in all-caps that are wrong, then make little attempt to support them with evidence.

    3. Anon,
      JJ has a point, as usual. Some shun, some don't, and some selectively shun to suit their own personal needs. It's to be expected, CD's are no different, and certainly no better than anyone else.
      What really interests me though is what YOU consider to be a "pocket of unacceptable people". What do they need to collectively do to be "unacceptable", and to whom? The christadelphians or God?
      There are a mixture of people here. Some are indeed ex-christians, some are not.

  5. Anon, ("ALL LIES"), your comment is laughable, and sad, and if you or anyone cares to look at and examine what is written here you will find that it is untrue. If you treat whatever belief you are into with such scant regard for accuracy then you are not only in an enclosed bubble, but the bubble lights are switched off.

  6. I think the pocket of unacceptable people are those like Duncan Heaster and myself Peter Forster. By the way I like this website and I think you are all doing great work

    I think christadelphians are evil people and ex-christadelphians are nice people

    1. Christadelphians are, on the whole, a decent bunch of people in my experience. The problem is, they are just vainly wasting their lives away in pursuit of a fantasy world that doesn't exist.

  7. My family don't purposely shun non-CDs but just have very very little contact with them, only socialising with other believers to reinforce their flimsy doctrines.
    I have great difficulty maintaining a conversation with my father, as the only subject he can talk about is christadelphian beliefs and the latest events at the ecclesia. Anything else to do with the real world outside seems to leave him floundering.

    1. I feel for you Mark it must be hard not been able to talk to your father because he is obsessed with cult activities. I'm glad I was not born a CD. Mum my thinks I should never have gone to their meetings as it has caused me mental disorders. I brainwashed myself reading too many books and watching too many videos that I was uploading.

      Does your Dad have any hobby? Maybe you could talk to him about them? However if he wants to talk about the bible try and show him that no real deity would ask one group of people to kill another group like what happens in the bible. Try and show him how the bible contradict itself

      This maybe hard work to break through the programming but if you can you have freed you dad.


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