The psychology of belief

This video series on the psychology of belief is fantastic. Each video in the series is full of information on why people believe things without good evidence, and the videos are backed by scientific studies.

Creating God in your own image


For many religious people, the popular question “What would Jesus do?” is essentially the same as “What would I do?” That’s the message from an intriguing and controversial new study by Nicholas Epley from the University of Chicago. Through a combination of surveys, psychological manipulation and brain-scanning, he has found that when religious Americans try to infer the will of God, they mainly draw on their own personal beliefs.

Winning the lottery of life

By Steve Pryde

In a world where the total population is above 7 billion people (that's a 7 followed by nine zeros), what are the odds of being a Christadelphian?

Do you believe that only Christadelphians (or those with similar beliefs) will be saved?

Do you believe that God will justly and fairly reward the faithful in the future?
Are your parents Christadelphians?

The vast majority of Christadelphians are simply born into the religion. They adopt the beliefs of their parents, more or less, and continue on in the same religion.

What did you personally do to become a Christadelphian? Anything at all?
On what basis can God reward you for being a Christadelphian?

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